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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test taken to check ones skills in the English language if he wishes to study in English speaking countries. It is mandatory for those students for whom English is a second language. The test is also required for those who wish to immigrate to English speaking countries for training or jobs. It is like any other competitive exam for which thousands of students appear from around the world. So it has been designed in a standardized way. Therefore attempting such an exam requires a standardized way of preparation. A book for IELTS can offer a great help in this regard. One can opt any of the methods of study for the test but a book for IELTS is a must for all of them. These books come in various styles. These books are available at various places and for different prices. This article will give you some insight about how to choose and study from a test book.

Advantages of an IELTS Book

You may have developed good English skills before planning for the test. But when it comes to an exam which is specially designed to test your skills in English you need proper preparation. A test book contains all the information about the test in terms of registration, preparation for taking the actual test etc. If you know the correct exam pattern beforehand then you will have a psychological advantage. A test book explains you the exact exam pattern and the types of questions. A good book includes complete study materials in details. It includes questions on every section. You also get sample test papers for practice. These books are written by experts in this field and they give you all the test taking techniques. So, a good quality book becomes a one stop measure for you.

Types of IELTS Books

The exam has four tests in all. These are reading, writing, listening and speaking. The reading and writing tests are normal tests whereas for the listening test you need to listen to a tape and then answer the given questions. The speaking test is about your interview. So, IELTS is a test of your skills in all the expressions of English. Therefore you get study materials in a variety of formats. IELTS books are available in the market as well as online. The reading section material comes in terms of CDs or tapes. These books are available as a part of a package also. A package includes two to three test books and a couple of CDs / tapes. You may get these books specially designed for individual sections of the test. Apart from section wise books IELTS books are available especially for questions or test papers or for tests taking techniques.

Sources for IELTS Books

IELTS books can be obtained from various sources. These books are available at all prominent book stores. You may find them in libraries also. The easiest way to search for any test book is online. You may find numerous web sites advertising for these books. You need to pay through your credit card for purchasing books online. Free samples of test contents are available on the official web site These books are also issued if you join any course on IELTS.

Selecting an IELTS Book

Each section of the test requires special study. Therefore one should have adequate and exact study materials for preparation. You may find different types of books. So you should be careful while purchasing any. Every book claims to be the best. One should first try to get a feedback about the best selling books. Your friends who have already appeared for such an exam can tell you better. You may find reviews about these books online. Each author has his own style of writing. So select a book which explains the concepts in simple and easy to understand language. Your  book should contain the complete syllabus in depth. This can save you from buying a number of books. It should have ample questions to solve along with their answers. If a book can explain the rationale behind every answer then it becomes easy to grasp any subject. A good quality  book gives you a lot of sample test papers to solve. Practice is the best method to score high in such exams. Therefore one should look for enough sample test papers while purchasing a book for IELTS. You may also find these books in terms of question banks or a collection of test papers. There are books explaining just the test taking techniques for this test. These books can act as supplements once you study the complete syllabus. You should keep in mind that loading yourself with lots of preparation books will be of no use. Thus when you buy a test book you should aim for a one stop measure for preparation. Also you should get the value for your money.

One more thing to note here is that IELTS comes in two modules i.e. Academic module and General Training module. Both these modules have different purposes and contents. The academic module is applicable for students trying to join the universities in English speaking countries whereas the General Training module is applicable for those who want to immigrate to these countries for some training or job. Therefore one has to prepare only that portion of the syllabus which is applicable to him. You must purchase your test book which gives you guidance of the appropriate test module.

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