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The Top 5 IELTS Blogs

Due to time constraints and busy schedules, people thinking of taking the IELTS exam hardly get time to go for regular training classes. We live in an age where you can learn to play the guitar or speak in French through the internet. This had been made possible with the advent of blogs which have revolutionised communication as we know it.

There are numerous blogs for IELTS that you can view for free on the internet. A test blog can prove to be very helpful in your training. The advantages of preparing for the exam by the use of a blog are many. A few of them are listed below.

Advantages of Using an IELTS Blog for Preparation

  • You will be free of time and place constraints. Your learning can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you. You also get the freedom to prepare at your own pace.

  • Students who are used to work on their own initiative will benefit from a blog as they can plan out their training themselves. They can set their goals and go about achieving them in their own style. They also receive the benefit of having an experienced person's guidance.

  • Test blogs are newer, more interactive way of teaching. Greater participation is seen from both - students and teachers. Even those students who shy of participating in actual classroom discussions are able to interact more freely through these blogs as they have the comforting advantage of virtual anonymity.

  • Since using a blog for education purposes will involve communication with the owner of that blog and that communication will inevitably be written, thus this means of preparation inadvertently improves one's writing skills which is an important part of the exam.

  • The most important advantage of using a blog for preparation is that the cost of preparing for the exam is greatly reduced, being virtually free in some cases.

  • Those students taking regular training elsewhere can supplement their knowledge by consulting these blogs.

After discussing the advantages of using blogs for preparatory needs, we should look at some of the blogs that could help you in your motive. Let us talk about some of the leading blogs today which students consult.

Dominic Cole's IELTS Blog:

Dominic Cole is a blogger whose field of expertise lies in providing excellent training for the exam. He owns which is the best website if you want to prepare for the exam on your own. Mr. Cole focuses on all sections of the exam equally and provides free preparation materials for all section of the exam. His site is regularly updated and features valuable tips and guidance on how to tackle this exam. Dominic also runs his own YouTube channel, the link to which is - He uploads useful videos where he discusses all aspects of the exam, especially speaking, and tries to create a more personal learning experience.


IELTS-blog ( is a website which was created in 2005 by Simone Braverman. Now the website has grown and has a large number of writers working on it. Simone Braverman is also someone whose native language is not English. She created this website hoping that it would serve as a self study tool for those individuals whose native language is not English. The site has all requisite resources for practice in all sections of the test and guidance on how to go about preparing each section. It also has exam tips which promise to help you ace your exams.

University of Cambridge's IELTS Blog:

The University of Cambridge has created a virtual library of Teacher's Resources and preparation material for those students who wish to prepare on their own. The link to their resource library is The organisation has provided free resources for practice in all areas of the exam. This library is continually updated. This website will prove to be very useful to aspiring candidates. The website also has a forum ( where teachers and students can discuss and seek more information about various aspects of the exam.

IELTS Worldwide:

Another helpful blog is which again houses a collection of resources which cover all areas of the test. Visit this website to view their free solved sample questions. You can also buy more tests for a marginal price of just $14. It also offers online lessons and detailed visa information for different countries.


Ryan is an English teacher who provides online training for IELTS and general English. He is the owner of the blog in which he gives online lessons and tells you how to prepare for the exam along with providing lots of practice tests. His website started from a YouTube channel ( on which he uploaded videos in which he gave lessons educating the student about the exam format and techniques for maximising exam scores.

The above blogs are all excellent as tools of preparation for the student who believes in self-study. Visit them for a fruitful learning experience and see your proficiency for English rising.