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Online Registration for IELTS

The IELTS test screens students' handiness in the English language. The score you receive on the test is a direct representation of your ability to communicate in the English language. You skills are tested through the four parts of Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. In order for you to achieve a good score on the test you will have to ensure good written as well as spoken command over the language. You can either make a registration via post or online through the official website. Test takers in the United States of America are required to make online registrations through the use of online link of the test. You can visit the official website at Locations where online registrations are not accepted use paper based registrations which are sent to the respective test centers via post or handed over personally. To check the test centers in your locality visit

  • Important Details about Online Registration

Candidates that reside in the United States of America are allowed to make online registrations through the  link on the website of IELTS. Some other locations also allow online registrations. Such details will be posted on the website of the test center. You should carefully read such information so it is easier for you to register. The official online option lets you look for the upcoming available testing dates and centers so you can pick the one of your choice. All you have to do is to select the options of your choice and you will be provided with a list of testing centers that suit your requirement. You will need to select which type of test you wish to take, the country and the city that you reside in. You will then be able to view a list of upcoming test dates. Pick the test date of your choice and select the right format. You will then be redirected from the web page to another page that will display the names of the testing centers according to the preferences you provided. To use the web link visit;jsessionid=7791F50DE018125AE22522401EE72E19.

  • The Information You Will Need to Provide

There are a few steps you should follow when making a registration through the web page. The official website gives detailed information on the steps and requirements to make a successful registration. To read more about the same visit Apart from the information on the website you should always remember to:

1. Provide accurate and precise information regarding personal details and addresses.

2. Accurate information about the names of the institutions to which you want your score report to be sent.

3. Carry the same piece of personal identification on the day of the examination as you provided during the registration process.

Using the online option to register for the test is the simplest and fastest. You should just bear in mind that you would require the use of a valid credit card to pay the testing fee. In countries and locations where the online option is not a valid option you should consider the other modes of registration for the test. All other important information pertaining to the test as well as the web link is available on the official page at To read information about how you will get your results visit The page will give you information about how you will get your results, how you are allotted scores for the test as well as what you should do in order to re-sit the test.