Application Form for IELTS

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Filling IELTS Application Form

If you want to take the IELTS test, the first thing you must do is to register for the test. You can register for the test by post or courier, through online or in person. To know the actual details on how to register for the test, you can refer to the website

Whatever may be the method of registration you are choosing, you have to fill an application form. This article emphasizes on five things to keep in mind for filling the form.

Things to Consider Before Filling an IELTS Application Form

You have to be clear with the following things before filling the application form:

  • Be clear about the deadline for registration and the test fee.

  • Read the  terms and conditions, and other information given in the application form carefully.

  • Make sure about the module or version of the test you have to take using the Global Recognition System of the test. Be clear about the test location and test center of your choice. Be clear about the preferred test date and an alternate test date.

  • Ensure that you have a valid ID proof (passport or national identity card) in accordance with the conditions specified in the application form.

  • Make sure that you have two recent (less than six months old) identical passport sized photographs in accordance with the conditions specified under the Checklist given in the application form.

  • Ensure that you have a valid credit card in case you have decided to use the online registration method.

Things to Consider When filling the IELTS Application Form

You must consider the following five things in mind when filling the application:

1. When Providing Photographs

  • Make sure that the two passport-sized recent photographs you affix and paper clip are identical.
  • Ensure that you have signed on the back of the photographs.

2. When Filling the First Page of the  form

  • Ensure that you fill this page only in block letters.
  • The name you provide on the application form must be the same as the name on your ID proof, which you will carry to the test center.
  • Check that the address, telephone number and email address that you fill are correct.
  • Indicate the type of ID proof (valid passport or national identity card) that you can take with you during the test. Fill only the number of the ID proof that you indicate.

3. When Filling the Second Page of the application

  • Ensure that you fill this page only in block letters.
  • When filling the questions from 11 to 14, refer to the code list provided at the pages four to six of the application form carefully to fill these questions.
  • Enter the codes for your country or region of origin, your first language and your occupation accurately.

4. When Filling the Applications to Recognizing Organizations Page

  • Fill the "Applications to Recognizing Organizations" provided in the  form if you wish the test center to send your result to academic institutions/ government agencies/ professional bodies/ employers to which you apply.
  • Ensure that you fill this section only in block letters.
  • Provide only correct information when filling this section.

5. Checklist and Declaration Pages

  • Sign the Declaration page.
  • Ensure that you have provided all the information and enclosures (photographs, photocopy of ID proof and test fee) given in the checklist.
  • Ensure that you have marked everything in the checklist.

Filling the application form will not be a difficult task since all the information needed for filling it are clearly provided in the third page (Notice to Candidates) of the application form. Just read all the instructions carefully and be prepared with all the required details so that you fill in the application form without making any mistakes.