Book Review of Cambridge IELTS 5 by Cambridge University Press

Many candidates opt to prepare for IELTS on their own, since it is primarily an English language test. Your test score will not only reflect your writing skills in English but also your proficiency in reading and understanding the spoken form of it. Although, most candidates appearing for the test are required to develop an ear for understanding English spoken with an accent, yet most students founder in this section as you need to understand not only the American accent but also, the British one. Hence, it is only natural that the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and thus, the study material published by them, IELTS 5, is an authentic one. The features of this book are discussed in the following section.

The IELTS 5 Explained

'The Cambridge IELTS 5 Self-study Pack' was published by the Cambridge University Press in 2006. As the name suggests it is the ideal book for candidates preparing for the test on their own. This study material comes with 2 CD ROMs to help you prepare for the Listening section of the test. The other features of the book are as follows:

  • This study material comprises 4 complete IELTS examinations.

  • The practice modules are made keeping in mind the requirements of candidates appearing for the General Training, as well as, the Academic version of the examination.

  • The book contains extra General Training Reading and Writing exercises for candidates who are appearing in the examination for non-academic purposes.

  • The book provides equal attention to all sections of the examination. Each section of this book begins with an introduction along with an explanation of the marking process of each section of IELTS.

  • The answer scripts provided in the book are exhaustive and come with explanations to help the candidate analyze and understand the answers.

  • Since, it is published by Cambridge University Press; you can be assured of the authenticity of the questions.

Moreover, the book incorporates all the changes that have occurred in the subsequent examinations. The book has undergone a number of revisions so you can be assured that it is almost an error-free book. A more complete review and how you can use it to prepare for the test are discussed in the following section.

How the IELTS 5 Can Help You Prepare

The book consists of sufficient number of practice modules. These practice modules are designed keeping in mind the questions that you will come across in the actual examination. Thus, if you can correctly solve the questions in the practice exercises you will be quite well equipped for the examination.

This book is not only a preparatory book but also a course in itself. So it is only natural that it comes with tips and advices to help you prepare for the examination. The introduction that precedes each section of the modules in the book gives an elaborate explanation regarding the type of questions you will get in each section. It also provides a detailed analysis of the marking scheme for each section. Based on the explanations given you can develop strategies and techniques to solve each section efficiently.

The book has received glowing reviews from candidates who have used it. Many, candidates have used it at the last moment and still have been able to score well in the test. But, you need to complete the entire course and follow the instructions thoroughly in order to get the maximum benefit from this study material.

If you wish to purchase this study material click on the following link:
If you visit this website you will find that you can purchase the study material and the CDs separately. However, you can buy the entire set for $56.25.

This book will provide you with all the details required to prepare for the test on your own. It is a complete guide book, since it gives equal attention to all sections of the examination. The authenticity of the book is unquestionable, since it is published by the authorities who administer the examination. Thus, if you require an authentic and complete guide book to help you prepare for the test then this is the best bargain!

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