Today’s world has become a global village where distances have reduced due to excellent communication facilities and good connectivity. If you want to excel in life and win the world then you need to know the language of the world, that is English. English plays an important role in one’s career as well as in one’s life. It is now considered as a universal language. The impact of English language is so strong that it has become a part and parcel of a majority of people from all walks of life. If English is not your first language and if you wish to study abroad or are looking for career avenues in English speaking countries then you need to first prove your proficiency in English. IDP IELTS is an exam meant for this. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. Some of the countries where this test is a prerequisite are the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Examinations, British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia jointly administer the test.

Idp IELTS Modules

There are thousands of people who wish to enter into English speaking countries for different needs. Some may want to pursue their education from these countries. Some may want to go to these countries for jobs. Some of the people may want to immigrate to these countries. For all these reasons clearing IDP IELTS becomes the prerequisite. The test is designed to measure your skills at English language in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are two modules of the test. They are Academic Module and General Training Module. Both of these modules have different levels of difficulty, purposes and are intended for different sets of applicants. An applicant has to choose between these modules while registering.

There are four sections in the test. These are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The listening and the speaking sections are common for both modules of the test. The listening section has four subsections in it with a total of 40 questions. The time allotted for this section is 30 minutes. The reading section has three subsections with a total of 40 questions. You need to solve this section in 60 minutes. The writing section has two questions on writing of passages. The total time for this section is 60 minutes. The speaking section is nothing but an interview for 15 minutes. Every candidate is interviewed separately. The time for the interview is allotted during the writing sessions. The writing sessions are conducted without any break. The writing sessions are followed by a break and then the interview session starts.

Academic Module of Idp IELTS

The Academic Module of the test is required for those who want to get admissions to the universities or other educational institutes. The test is recognized by most of the academic institutions in Australia, Britain, Canada, the US, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. It has become the prerequisite for most of the professional institutes worldwide.

General Training Module of Idp IELTS

The General Training Module is designed for people who wish to enter these countries for jobs or for immigration purposes. Australia and Canada are some of the countries where passing this test is required for migration.


Every section of the test is scored on a scale of 0 to 9. Here zero score indicates that the section has not been attempted and nine shows that the candidate has excellent command over English language in that particular section. The scores can also be given in multiples of 0.5 e.g. 7.5. The overall scores are calculated by averaging the scores in each of the sections. Every point on the score scale indicates a particular level of English language proficiency. The preferred scores are generally above 6 or 7. Some of the universities also demand some minimum score in each of the sections of the test. One can find out more information about the requirements of these institutions online. The importance of this test can be compared with any other prestigious English language test like TOEFL. The score of 7 on IELTS is supposed to be equal to 100 on TOEFL. Moreover the TOEFL exam is focused on North American English language accents whereas IELTS has a generic nature. This proves the importance of IELTS test. More authoritative information about the scores of the test can be found from the official web site

Test Centers

The test is conducted in around 120 countries. There are more than 300 test centers for this test in the above mentioned countries. The complete information about these centers is available on the official web site of the test i.e. On the top of its home page you will find an option to search for the test center in the country of your interest. Once you select a country you will find the complete list of the test centers in that country. You can also find out a test center in a particular city of your choice. Here with every test center the complete address and contact information in terms of telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses is given. Also you will find the next date of the exam at each of these centers. For registration you can contact these centers by phone, fax or by e-mail.

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