Importance of IELTS Test Results for Educational Institutions

What Is the IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the standardized examination for the assessment of the test taker's proficiency in English. The test is conducted by the University of Cambridge, the British Council and IDP. IDP Education now has test centers in more than 45 countries around the world.

What Is the Importance of the Results for Educational Institutions?

This test is required by many institutions around the world, which use the test to gauge whether their applicants will be able to communicate well in English or not. Institutions can rely on this test because it is a standardized, international test. The test itself is prepared and evaluated by experts, and the test centers are well regulated. The test uses all standard forms of English and is thus relevant no matter which English speaking country is using the test. The test is conducted in more than 130 countries, hence institutions can receive and select from applications from candidates all over the globe.

The test is available in two formats, the Academic and General Training. The Academic format is generally meant for those institutions which offer undergraduate and higher levels of study. The General Training format is used by those organizations which offer training and work experience. Due to this choice of formats, institutions are able to select the level of proficiency in English that they prefer from their applicants.

Where Can You See Your IELTS Results?

Your results will be sent to you as the Test Report Form. It will be sent by post 13 days after you have taken the test. You may also be able to collect the result from the test center itself. Your  results will also be sent to the institutions of your choice. You will be given only one copy of the results form. Further copies will not be issued to you or to migration agents. If you misplace the Test Report Form you can request the test center to send your test results directly to the institutions.

What Will Your IELTS Result Contain?

Your test results will contain your scores for each individual section of the test that is, for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests and also your overall score. These scores will be expressed on a Band Scale ranging from 1 to 9, 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest scores. Your results will also contain the module of the test that you had attempted that is, the Academic or the General Training. In addition, the test results will contain your personal information including your nationality, date of birth, your first language and a photograph.

What Do the Band Scale Scores Mean?

Your IDP test results will be represented as numbers on a Scale from 1 to 9. At the lower end of the scale, a Band Score of 1 indicates a severely limited knowledge of the English language. A Band Score of 9 indicates the other extreme that is a candidate who is thoroughly proficient in the use of English. The scoring is performed by experts who use a standard method for evaluation, thus making this test a reliable indicator of a test taker's command over the English language.

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