Result of IDP IELTS

Everything You Need to Know About Test Report Forms (TRFs)

The IELTS is taken by the students who wish to migrate to an English-speaking nation in search of educational or job opportunities. The International English Language Testing System is a standardized testing platform for such candidates. You can take the test in order to prove yourself able in the English language. It is a test that certifies your level of expertise in English once you take the test. The British Council, the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, and the IDP Education Pvt Ltd together manage and administer the test. The test result you obtain is valid in as many as 125 countries approximately. Hence, you will have a greater opportunity if you take this test in order to migrate to an English-speaking nation. Your result will reflect your competence level in English and based upon that, which will open the window to many opportunities. So, you must work very hard to obtain a good  result that can help you deserve a good opportunity.

How is IELTS Evaluated?

The IELTS consists of the following test areas:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The Listening and the Reading parts of the test consists of 40 questions each and the Writing part of the test includes two tasks and the Speaking test part involves a personal interview wherein the examiner evaluates you directly. The test is evaluated based upon the raw scores obtained by you and these scores are equated to a Band Scale defined by the administrators. The Band Scale of the result ranges between 0 and 9. This system of score evaluation is referred to as the 9-band system. The raw scores are equated to the band scale of 0-9 based upon the difficulty of the exam. Hence, we cannot precisely determine the band scale that you might obtain for any particular raw score figure that you achieve.

What Will the IELTS Results Contain?

A zero band score implies that you have not taken the test at all or you have attempted the test with no assessable answers. A nine-band score implies that you are an expert in English and that you have a complete command over the language in terms of speaking and understanding. In the same fashion, the rest of the band scores ranging between 1 (low) and 8 (very good) imply different levels of expertise over the English language. Surprisingly, there is no pass or fail in the exam. Every student who attempts the test will receive his/her result featuring the band score in which they fall in. Refer to the following link to know the descriptions of all the score bands:

Test Report Forms

The Test Report Forms (TRFs) are the scorecards that bring you your test result. You will receive the TRFs 13 calendar days after you take the test. You will receive only a single copy of your TRF and you must carefully keep it safe with you to present it, if required later. The exam board, upon request, sends your TRF for five institutions of your choice for free of cost. You will have to pay the administration fees if you wish to apply for a more number of institutions. Your TRF includes the following details pertaining to your exam:

  • The band score obtained by you in each of the four parts of the test.
  • Your cumulative band score ranging between 0 and 9.
  • The details of whether you have taken the Academic or the General Training test version.
  • It bears your photograph, your nationality, date of birth, first language details.