Free Materials for IELTS

Free IELTS Materials and Where You Can Find Them

If you wish to study or work in an English-speaking country, then there are many options for you to realize that dream. One such opportunity is by taking the IELTS. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally administered test for people to obtain a chance to either continue their further education or work in an English speaking country. This test is considered by many universities, employing companies and immigration authorities in order to permit students or employees into their country and organisations. It is a test that aims at testing your proficiency in the English language. The test is a measure of your English language skills for the administrators to decide if you are fit for studying or working any particular English-speaking nation. Moreover, since the test is preferred by many different organisations in almost 135 countries across the world, you will have a greater scope of securing a good admission or a good job.

Sources of IELTS Prep

You must be very dedicated in order to score high in this exam. For this purpose, there are many institutes that train you for the exam. You must carefully choose the preparation institute. However, since the test is all about exercising your language skills, with strong will and patience, you, on your own can master all the test areas of the  exam. In this pursuit, you can rely upon innumerable sources of free test materials for preparation in order to realize your dream. The Internet is the largest source for free test materials that you can use for your preparation. All that you need to do is find the good ones with a good difficulty level. Also, you can develop the language skills by self-practice. You can even use a newspaper in order to improve your English language skills. Always remember that a good dictionary is the most relied source for your test preparation.

Sources for Free IELTS Study Materials

You can find a vast number of free test materials over the internet. However, not all the free test materials will be good enough to provide you with great knowledge. You must filter the ones to fit your need and requirement. Most often, you would require free test materials in order to practice. Although you prefer using these materials, it is advised that you use some or the other study guide that can reliably provide you with good knowledge upon the key aspects of the English like the Grammar, punctuation, Tenses etc. The following are some links to free test aids that you can use for your preparation.


This website allows you to download vast amounts of materials for free. There are 16 different categories and you can download hundreds of pages of material and even can print for a thorough review of the material. You can refer to the following link to find all the free test materials for your preparation:

ESL Gold

ESL Gold is a free English language-learning website. It is a very interactive website that provides you with very valuable learning tools in order to enrich your English language skills, both written and verbal. Although, it does not focus much on the exam point of view, it is a great resource of free test aids in an indirect way. Refer to the following link:

Pearson Learning Community

The famous Pearson has launched a new ELT community wherein you get valuable articles and sources of preparation to develop your language skills. It is handled by expert Pearson professionals who provide you with the latest updates about the language and give you learning tips:

Other Important Links

Also, you can refer to the following links, which provide you  with many free test materials:

You can refer to the following link to download the Thomson and Martinet's Practical Grammar book: