Free Material for IELTS Preparation

5 Precautions to Take When Selecting Free IELTS Materials

Links and Reviews of Free IELTS Materials

The internet is a source of myriad information and resources in today’s world. Similarly, there are numerous sources of free prep materials available online that can be put to use by those preparing for the test on their own. If you prefer to sit in the comfort of your house to prepare for this competitive exam, you have a lot of materials to support you. Let's take a look at some of the reviews of such materials:

1. IELTS Exams: This website contains a number of exam papers that can be used by test-takers. They have separate sections for Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing tests. All for free! They have a collection of both Academic and General Training tests including analysis of graphs that is needed for the exam. Here is the link for this website

2. IELTS for This website too is entirely free and provides what test-takers for IELTS require the most - practice papers. They have practice papers in abundance and that’s what makes this website very special. They have numerous test papers for all the four modules of the test. Additionally, they also have relevant information on the tests, like the difference between Academic and General Training modules has been explained quite comprehensively on their website. You will find a lot of  test material on this website which can be put to use for your preparation. IELTS for also provides links to other websites that can be used to complete your preparation. Here is the link to this website:

3. The IELTS Official Website: The Official Website is an ideal portal to get free test material. Although some of the materials that have to be ordered are services that must be paid for, most of material, such as sample questions and sample papers are free. You can begin with this website since you will know from an authentic source the kinds of question to anticipate for your exam. The website offers several sample materials for both Academic and General Training modules of the test, not to mention the other information that you will find for  preparation. Here is the link

Precautions to Take When Selecting Free IELTS Materials

The internet can be a blessing and a curse as well. In order to access authentic free preparation material consider the following points:

1. The Official Website: Always stay as close as possible, in case of reference material to the official website. They will never misguide you. There are many websites online that may misguide you in your endeavor. Look at the sample questions closely in the official website and refer to them time and again even when you are referring to other websites simultaneously. Study the question patterns, guides, recurrence of question types etc.

2. Authenticity of the Material: Although there is no direct way to understand the authenticity of a website, you can gauge from a given website whether it is authentic or not. You can refer to some popular forums, discussion threads that will give you leads about these websites. Look for free test material on websites that are popular. This is one way to avoid making a wrong decision regarding them.

3. Question Types: Many websites will pretend to supply a lot of free prep aids just to attract audience but the kind of materials provided by them may be faulty, especially with regards to the question pattern and types.

4. Outdated Websites: Do not refer to outdated websites that give you free aids. Check the date when the website was updated, which is usually given at the bottom of the pages of the website. Having complete understanding of the paper pattern will help you decide well.

5. No Free Lunches: Some websites may offer an initial preview of question paper for free and will later demand credit card payments. Using credit card details on certain websites can be risky and additionally there is no guarantee of the material that is provided by them.

Free material of IELTS on the web is a good source of learning provided you take the precautions listed above.