Free Samples for IELTS Listening

5 Essentials of IELTS Listening Test Preparation Materials

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a standardised test to measure the competence of an individual in the English language. It is a global test that is conducted worldwide. The test has four main sections and those sections in-turn, have subsections. The four main sections of the IELTS are:

1. Listening test: Has four subsections.

2. Reading test: Has three subsections.

3. Writing test: Has two subsections or tasks.

4. Speaking test: Has three sections

The four sections of the listening test aim to measure the skills of an individual in comprehending the English language through listening to someone speak in it. The listening test ascertains if the listener can complete a conversation in a coherent and legible manner or not. The test also tries to assess the ability of the listener to add to the matter he/she is listening to, using his skills in the language. The listening test is the first section of the test and is an important part of the testing system.

Free IELTS listening test prep options:

Of the many test-preparation options available for the test, the following are links to a few free test-preparation options that can be used directly from the Internet:

The above-mentioned are just links to the test-preparation companies and online portals. Every student should know how to extract the required prep-tests from the many that the companies will offer.

5 essentials that one should be aware of before selecting any of the free IELTS Listening prep tests:

1. The free listening section  audio-sample or sample paper should be from an authentic source. Every candidate should do a thorough research of the audio that he/she are referring to, for their practice.

2. The free listening section  audio tape should be timed or one should time the sequence so that the preparation can be done keeping the time tab in mind. The final IELTS does not give you a lot of time to answer the questions so the student should be aware the pressures of time.

3. Visit the official website to get the information that you need for the listening section and then go forward and procure the  listening audio or written samples.

4. The listening test preparation audio should ideally be heard only a few times for practicing because if you hear it too many times then you will end up learning the audio sample and will get a shock when you have to decipher a completely different topic in the final test. Check that the audio sample gives you tips for understanding lectures and monologues. If not, then look for a better sample.

5. You have to remember that though it is a listening test, this section requires you to write. So, while listening to the audio samples and reading the sample papers do not forget to practice writing fast and correct English.

Tips for the preparing for listening section of the IELTS from the audio samples:

1. The audio samples are just samples. They should not be memorised for the final examination.

2. The  listening test audio samples provide a lot of ideas about topics and discussions that can help you understand the final monologues and lectures that you have to understand in the IELTS.

3. Try and use the free test audios for other sections also. This can be done by learning the usage of grammar and vocabulary from the audios and sample papers. A strong hold on grammar will help you in every section and if you try and write the passages you will benefit for the writing section also.

4. Get many samples for your test preparation to avoid stagnation. The novelty that more listening test samples will provide you with, will open your mind and give you better ideas.