Free Course for IELTS

Free or Refundable IELTS Courses

IELTS is an exam that tests your English communication skills. One has many options for the test's preparation. You can take up self study, online classes or live classes. Some of the online coaching companies offer free courses. These courses prove very valuable as tips and strategies to prepare for the test and answer the questions are taught and a lot of practice is given for the different sections of the test.

This test consists of 4 sections, namely the Reading section, the Writing section, the Listening section and the Speaking section. Courses offered by different companies covers all these sections.

1. IELTShelpnow -

This free course offered by this website is like tutorials. They offer tutorials for all the sections of the test for both the Academic and General Training modules. The practice tests that they offer are priced at low rates and these practice tests, when used along with the free tutorials, will yield very good results. The lessons are downloadable and they also offer free sample tests. Some IELTS teachers and examiners have created this website to provide free tutorials and cheap practice tests.

2. British Council -

The British Council offers free course. It is an online course and covers all the four sections that are tested in this test. This service is available only for students taking up the test at the British Council. After you register for the test with the British Council, you will be given a login id and a password. After you log on to the road to IELTS portal, you will be asked to provide information about the date of your written exam. The access to the site will be denied 1 week after you have taken up the test.

It is a 30 hour course with free self-study material comprising of 3 units each of which is based on common IELTS topics. All the 4 sections are covered in each of the units. This course also offers practice listening tests under timed conditions and sample videos of speaking tests. With the help of this course you can develop a good vocabulary that will be helpful in the writing section.

You get immediate feedback on your performance and you can monitor your progress as well. Tips and hints are given to help you improve your English and thereby your  score. The free course is offered for both the Academic and General Training version of the test. After each exercise you get your score and an instant feedback. For improving your skills, tips are also provided. All the texts and audio recordings provided are authentic and are very similar to the real test.

3. iPassIELTS -

This site offers free and paid test materials. In the free course that iPassIELTS offers you get free practice tests, sample questions and answers. Vocabulary and language exercises along with interview videos and podcasts are available for preparation. The paid courses are available in 2 formats. They are iPassIELTS 7 and iPassIELTS Excel. Both offer interactive lessons, the iPassIELTS 7 offers 7 practice tests with 3 personal feedbacks from an online tutor and the Excel course offers 12 practice tests with 5 personal feedbacks.

The fees paid are refundable if you do not increase your score in at least one of the sections. The conditions for the refund are that your test score before the course should be 6 or above with a minimum of 5.5 in the Writing section and that you must have attended and completed all the components of the course.