Download Information for IELTS Listening

Top 5 Download Links for IELTS Listening Test Practice Materials

The IELTS, being a global test, provides candidates with many options to prepare for the test. Every country or region has its own set of preparation schools and courses that can be taken but the one, universal method of studying for an examination like the IELTS, is through the Internet. There are so many paid and free choices on the Internet for preparing for the test that one is spoilt for choice. Of the many options that are available over the Internet, the following is a list of options from which a candidate can download Listening, speaking, writing and reading preparation materials of IELTS.


This website is dedicated to the Listening section and is also correctly called the IELTS Listening Conqueror. You can download the materials from the website along with tips on test-preparation and techniques to understand the test requirements. The website is very exhaustive in its approach to online learning for the Listening section. The portal provides you with options to download Listening files and the grammar and vocabulary tips separately. The Listening files contain audio samples and oratory techniques to understand the spoken English during the test. The website has an option of a combined download of the Listening and Writing sections also.


This website provides samples to the Academic as well as the General IELTS categories. There are options to download the preparation samples from the books Target Band 7 and Ace the IELTS. This is a good link for an overall preparation for the test and if you want to focus on the sections separately, then you can go through parts of the books and files available for download.


To download the listening test strategies you can visit the above-mentioned link that provides you with an eight-page PDF file that captures the entire essence of the Listening section.


Link to download the listening materials:

This website captures the essence of the test. This is the official website and the given link is the official link to download the sample tests and audio files etc. The website provides ample resources for any candidate to prepare for the test. From test details to test rules to section-wise explanations, the website contains everything. The link can be used as the first step towards the Listening section preparation.


This website can actually be called the website of links. As the name suggests, the website provides numerous links to download Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking section of IELTS preparation materials. Every section is sub-divided into categories and you can open page after page to discover many options to study from, for the IELTS.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the most commonly and widely used links from which you can get the data. A candidate can use various other options to download  Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading materials. Following are a few points that you should follow before downloading  preparation materials from the Internet:

  • Do not rely on one particular source or file that is available online.
  • Download Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing files separately so that you can study them one at a time.
  • If you have downloaded a combined file, then go through it section-wise.
  • Do a thorough research of the websites and links, even if they are highly recommended, before studying from them.
  • Always cross-check with the official website to be sure that the structure and format of the downloaded files that you have, match with the official sources.