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The Top 5 Books for IELTS Preparation

IELTS is an English language proficiency test. In order to score well in this test, you should master the English language from the academic point of view. You must be proficient in all aspects pertaining to the English language, which include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Merely attending training sessions wouldn't just help. You must practice a lot in order to improve your overall language skills. Studying from good preparation books will help you become competent from the exam point of view. It requires great deal of effort in order to do well in IELTS. Preparation books are a great source of studying for IELTS apart from attending a coaching institute. Irrespective of the mode of your preparation, you will require to prepare from books for the test.

Prerequisites for Top IELTS Books

There are many preparation books that are currently available. You must be careful in selecting any particular text book. Mentioned below are some important points that you must consider while choosing a  book for IELTS. You should see that the book you wish to select is either authored by an expert or is published by a famous publishing house.

  • You should see that the book you wish to select consists of comprehensive explanations for every topic concerning the exam. Further, the book must consist of solved examples in order to provide you with a better understanding for applying the learned concepts and rules.

  • The preparation book must contain numerous practice questions that are specifically based on the test format. Practice is a very important factor for your success in the test. Therefore, good  books will surely provide you with lots of questions for practice.

  • Always keep in mind to focus upon the official preparation resources. Irrespective of the books that you may prefer for IELTS, make sure that you review all the official books for the test.

Top 5 Books for IELTS Preparation

The five top preparation books for the test that are currently available are: Barron's IELTS, Cambridge IELTS 7, Kaplan IELTS, Cambridge Common Mistakes at IELTS and Target Band 7 by Simone Braverman. These top five books necessarily satisfy almost all the points mentioned above.

1. Barron's IELTS

Barron's is a very famous name in the domain of English language training. It is highly preferred by those who are trying to improve their English language skills. It is often called as one of the definitive preparation aids. It is fully equipped with all the necessary explanations for each and every section of the test and consists of a number of questions for practice.

2. Cambridge IELTS 7

Cambridge IELTS 7 is published by the Cambridge University ESOL Examinations for the benefit of IELTS test takers. This preparation book is a great source for you to learn every aspect from the exam point of view. In addition to the preparation book, you will also get a student's book with answers and two audio CDs. You can get access to four full-length tests with additional reading materials and writing modules. The audio CDs consist of four reading sample tests.

3. Target Band 7 by Simone

Target Band 7 is regarded as one of the best books if you prefer to prepare by self. It is full of techniques and strategies for helping you to do well in the test. It provides you with conceptual knowledge as well as shortcuts to attempt questions wittily. It consists of full-length practice tests with solved explanations for a better understanding.

4. Kaplan IELTS 2009-10 Edition

Kaplan is undoubtedly one of the best exam preparation providers currently. This book comprises complete explanations of concepts for all the sections of the test. You get full-length sample tests for practice along with solved examples for understanding the concepts well.

5. Cambridge Common Mistakes at IELTS

Cambridge Common Mistakes at IELTS is a very good text book that throws light upon the commonly committed mistakes in the test. It further provides you with strategies and techniques to overcome these mistakes in order to score high. This book does not provide you with a full-fledged course study material but surely presents you with essential explanations regarding the mistakes that you might commit in IELTS.

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