Average Band Scores in IELTS

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How to Achieve Average IELTS Band Scores?

Achieving average band scores of IELTS is not difficult. You need to be systematic in your approach and regular in your studies. To ensure at least average  scores one must aim for a couple of points more than the average score. You should be clear in your mind about the requirements of the institution which you are interested in joining. If it is not particular about minimum scores in every section of the exam then your job is slightly simpler. This means that you can afford to get slightly less marks in one section and can compensate for it by achieving high scores in other sections. You are however advised to concentrate on all the sections equally, because after all these efforts will make you an expert in English.

IELTS is an exam of your skills in expressions of English. The four sections of this test are designed carefully and differently. Therefore, you must plan your study carefully to address every section. The reading section is about comprehension. Here you will have to read a passage and then fill in the blanks based on it. The answer choices will be given to you. You just have to pick the right one. Generally the answer choices will be just enough to fill in all the blanks. That means it is like a puzzle game. If you practice well to make the correct relation between the sentence and the answer choice in the context of the given paragraph then you are done. In the writing section you may need to write a passage depending on the given idea. Here you should quickly form a basic layout of your paragraph with introduction, body of the essay and the conclusion. Once you practice for this it will be easier for you to form the key points in your mind and then put them in a paragraph. You need to study the techniques for this during your preparation. The listening section needs you to listen to a recorded tape and answer questions based on it. You need to practice for understanding different English accents for this section. Lastly the speaking test is nothing but an interview by an expert. Here you are asked general information about yourself in terms of your studies and other achievements. Then you are given a topic to speak about. In the end you need to discuss this topic with the examiner. Here the aim is to check your fluency in English with appropriate use of vocabulary and grammar. Practice of conversation in English with people who have a good command over English will help you prepare well for this section.

There are various options of preparation methods that will help you achieve average band scores. You may join a coaching institute or an online course. A coaching institute is the most preferred method of preparation as it gives you an environment to learn from the language experts and to practice. If you are relatively good at English then you may also do self study by procuring the correct study guides.


Appearing for IELTS gives you dual benefit. On one hand it gives you an opportunity to join the institute of your choice and on the other it gives you a chance to improve your English. Mastering English will open lots of career opportunities for you as well as carve your personality well. Therefore, go ahead and prepare religiously for scoring more than an average band rating.

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