IELTS is a standardization test to check the communication capabilities of an individual in areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. This test is compulsory for anyone who intends to study or work in a country where the language of communication is English. From the year 1989, this test is a worldwide approved test that measures the communication ability of an individual. This test is recognized across 120 countries in more than 4000 institutions and government agencies. More than 5 lakh students take the test every year worldwide. Yet it is the fastest growing English language standardization test till date.

In some countries like UK, just an assessment is all that is required for admission. But in many countries especially in Germany and Europe this test is compulsory. The test takes place in Copenhagen and Arhus under the administration of the British Council. Almost a whole day has to be spent to finish this test. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK have made this test a gateway to college admissions. This test is an important proof for immigration formalities in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The test is a recognized medium by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. This is similar to the TOEFL.

IELTS has two sections of (i) the Academic Module and (ii) the General Training Module. For people who are interested in following an academic course the Academic module is suitable. Students planning to undertake higher education study or who are seeking professional registration can take this module. On the other hand individuals who are interested in going for immigration or any non-academic courses can take the General Training Module. Both the modules are divided into four parts. The Academic Module is usually for people wanting to follow an Academic Course in English and the General Training Module is usually for people wanting to follow a non-academic course or for immigration. Both modules are in four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The four organizations who administer the test are

  • University of Cambridge ESOL Exams
  • The British Council
  • IDP Education Australia and
  • IELTS Australia

Institutions like New Zealand Immigration Service, the Australian Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, the Australian Medical Council, the UK General Medical Council and the UK Ministry of Defense accept IELTS scores as entry level scores.

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