Choice of Study Guides for the ICTS

How to Choose a Good ICTS Study Guide?

The method by which you want to prepare for an examination depends entirely on you and the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS) is no exception to the rule. However, if you want to prepare for the ICTS on your own; then ensure that you have good study guides, to help you with your preparation. There are a number of guides available in the market, which probably makes choosing a good one amongst them, more difficult! Let’s try and solve this dilemma together...

Review of Some Guide Books

Choosing good guides can be tricky; especially when all of them claim that they will help you achieve high scores in the examination! The following list will help you choose a good one:

  • The Best Test Prep for the IL Certification Testing System: REA, the publisher of this book, claims that if you follow this book then your confidence will receive the much needed boost required to ace the test! A unique feature of this book is that it comes with a CD ROM that comprises full-length mock tests. These mock tests are designed keeping in mind the time constraints that you will face during the actual test. Moreover, once you have completed the tests, the scores will be displayed, so that you can accordingly evaluate your performance. Other than that, the book also consists of elaborate discussions on the all the subjects covered in the in the TAP and APT tests of the examination. It also provides tips and strategies to help you take the test efficiently. So, if you want a comprehensive book that provides you with review of the subjects as well as practice, then you should choose this book to be your guide.

  • ICTS Basic Skills & Elementary/Middle Grades: This book is ideally suited for students who want to further their career in the field of teaching. As the name of the book suggests, it is best suited for candidates who want to teach in elementary and middle school. It consists of extensive reviews of subjects covered in the TAP, APT and Content Area tests. It also comprises 2 full-length mock tests and like the actual test, these mock tests also consist of multiple-choice questions. The tests are followed by an extensive answer key, which provides detailed explanations of the answers to each of the questions. Thus, if you are looking for a book that will equip you to teach in middle or elementary school and at the same time will provide you with sufficient practice; then you could consider purchasing this book.

  • ILTS Assessment of Professional Teaching Tests 101-104 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide: This book is ideal for candidates who want to develop their pedagogical skills. It comprises of chapters that deal extensively on how to develop skills to handle students better. The ICTS evaluates these particular abilities through the ATP tests. Hence, if you feel you need help regarding development of educational skills then you can choose this guide book.

The best guides for you will depend on your requirements. In other words, you should choose only those guides that cater to your needs.

Official Study Guides

For the benefit of applicants, The Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) also provides some guides. However, these study guides are not in the form of books, but PDF files. These PDF files consist of discussions on each of the subject covered in the ICTS test, followed by some practice questions. If you require more information about the official study guides, then click on the following link:

Remember to...

Go through some study guides thoroughly, before you choose one. This will give you an idea of the unique features of the study guides available in the market. The reviews given in the first section of this article will help you understand some of the characteristics of the better known guides. After that identify your requirements and choose only those guide books that meet most of them.

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