Testing Through the HSPT

Importance of Taking the HSPT

The Scholastic Testing Services (STS) hold the High School Placement Test (HSPT) to provide a common platform, to evaluate the academic prowess of prospective high-school students. If you are presently an eighth grade student and want to start high-school next year, then you have to start preparing for this test. The following section of this article will provide an insight into the examination and also discuss its importance.

Why Take the HSPT?

The HSPT is not only beneficial to high-schools, but also for the candidates. It is the ideal way to evaluate the knowledge that you have gathered in school. The following list will help you analyze the importance of this testing:

  • Nature of the examination:

    The HSPT is primarily a high-school entrance examination and hence, the question paper is formulated keeping in mind your school curriculum. Other than that, it also helps high-school admission authorities to evaluate how well you can apply the knowledge you have gathered in school. The following are tested in this:

    • The Verbal Skills section consists of 60 questions, which have to be solved in 16 minutes.
    • The Quantitative Skills section comprises 52 questions that have to be solved in 30 minutes.
    • The Reading section consists of 62 questions that you have to solve in 25 minutes.
    • The Mathematics section of the test has 64 questions that you have to solve in 45 minutes.
    • The Language section of the test consists of 60 questions that have to be solved in 25 minutes.

    The entire examination consists of multiple-choice questions and hence, all you have to do is choose the correct answer. Moreover, the Verbal and Quantitative Skills sections will evaluate your 'cognitive abilities'. In other words, these 2 sections will evaluate you prowess in applying the knowledge that you have acquired in eight years of school. The remaining 3 sections of the test will analyze your 'basic skills'.

  • Scoring system:

    If you want to be able to analyze your performance, you understand the scoring system used by STS to evaluate the examination. Each section of the test provide a 'raw score', which is the sum total of all the correct answers that you have provided in the particular section. The 'raw score' for a section is then converted to a 'scaled score' and the scale ranges from 200 to 800. Each 'scaled score' also results in a 'percentile rank', which is calculated by taking into account your performance and the performances of the other students taking a similar test. Thus, as you can see, the STS ensures that the scores you receive in your score card is a true representation of your academic capabilities. This subsequently, will help you evaluate the subjects that you are strong or weak in.

Once you have understood the nature and importance of this test, you must learn about the type of questions you will come across in the test. So let us learn more about it...

Understanding the HSPT Test Types

There are two types of examination, viz. 'open' and 'close'. Although, the examinations are very similar, the difference in name is due the variation in the scoring methodology. The type of testing offered depends on the school that you are studying in. You should get in touch with the respective authorities of your school, in order to know the type of HSPT that you have to take. Moreover, the sample tests can only be ordered by your school and hence, you should ask the authorities to guide you regarding the question paper pattern. If you want to find more about the test types then click on the following link: http://www.ststesting.com/hp_1.html

Take Note...

That proper preparation is of paramount importance, if you want to achieve high marks in the HSPT. This test helps to facilitate the high-school admission process. So if you want to get admission in the high-school of your choice, understand the importance of the test by studying the list in the first section of the article. After that, commence your test preparation by scrutinizing the type of questions that you will come across in the test.