Important Information About HSPT

6 Important Things about HSPT

Prospective high-school students have to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT), organized by the Scholastic Testing Service (STS), in order to help the admissions authorities of high-schools evaluate the 'basic' and 'cognitive skills' of the applicants. Broadly speaking, this test will evaluate your knowledge of Mathematics, Reading and Language. The following section of this article will help you prepare for the test, by outlining certain essential features of the examination:

Important Points to Remember about the HSPT

Preparation is of paramount importance, if you want to ace the HSPT and get admission in the high-school of your choice. Hence, when you prepare for the test, ensure that you take note of the following points:

  1. HSPT test explained:

    The HSPT is a high-school entrance examination and hence, the subjects that you will be tested on are all part of your school curriculum. Other than that, your critical and analytical abilities will also be evaluated through the 'cognitive skills' test. There are two versions of the examination, viz. 'open HSPT' and 'closed HSPT'. The difference in nomenclature is because of the dissimilarity in the scoring system used by the two types. If you require more information on these two types, then click on the following links:

  2. Sections and duration:

    The HSPT can be divided into the following parts:

    • The Verbal Skills section comprises 60 questions, to be completed in 16 minutes.
    • The Quantitative Skills section comprises 52 questions, to be completed in 20 minutes.
    • The Reading part consists of 62 questions, to be completed in 25 minutes.
    • The Mathematics part consists of 64 questions, to be completed in 45 minutes.
    • The Language part of the test consists of 60 questions, to be completed in 25 minutes.
  3. Requirements: Students you have completed their eight years of school and want to join a high-school (9th to 12th grades) are eligible to take this examination. If you want to study in a particular high-school, then you must get in touch with the admission authorities of that school, to find out their exact admission requirements.

  4. Preparation: Although, the test will examine your knowledge of subjects that you have already studied, still you must not be lax about preparing for the examination. One of the methods by which you can prepare for the test is by purchasing the 'Practice test booklet', (with the help of your school) from the official HSPT website:

  5. Taking HSPT:

    The HSPT is held twice a year, first in spring and then in fall. The dates are so fixed, to ensure that you can take admission in a high-school at the earliest. The examination is held within the school campus, so all you need to do is get in touch with the respective authorities of the school and find out about the testing procedure.

  6. Registering for the HSPT:

    Since seats in high-schools are limited, it is essential that you take the test at the earliest. In order to do so, the first thing that you ought to do is register for the examination. In case of some schools, it is compulsory that you register earlier for the test, whereas some allow you to take the test directly on the test date, without previous registration.

The above-mentioned list will help you get an insight into the important characteristics of this test. The following sections will make the test easier to understand!

Duration and Question Types

The test takes nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. The entire examination consists of multiple-choice questions. The questions will evaluate your ability in being able to apply the knowledge that you have gathered in school. Hence, you will have to solve discrete questions, as well as those that require you to critically analyze the question, to arrive at the correct answer.

Scoring System

The total number of correct answers that you provide will result in the 'raw scores'. These 'raw scores' are converted to 'scaled scores' and the scale range is from 200 to 800. You will also receive a 'percentile rank', based on the 'scaled scores' you receive and the overall performance of other students taking the test.

Thus, as you can see, STS will analyze your performance using different parameters, so that the scores you receive are a true representation of your academic prowess. So understand the examination thoroughly, by going through the list of important points and then start practicing for the examination, keeping in mind the time you will get to complete the test.

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