Guidance to Prepare for the HSPT

Step by Step Guide to HSPT Prep

Every year high-schools receive numerous applications, from prospective candidates, for admission. If you want your application to receive due consideration, then you must prepare well for the High School Placement Test (HSPT). Proper preparation alone will ensure good results, which subsequently will give you an edge over other candidates. For your benefit, a step-by-step guide for the test prep has been given in the following section of this article.

Preparing for HSPT...

How to prepare for HSPT? If this is the question worrying you then the following list will remove your apprehensions:

  1. Choosing a preparatory method:

    The first step for proper test prep would be, to choose a preparatory method. You can prepare for the test on your own (self-study), enroll in an online/classroom sessions or even hire a tutor. However, before you choose a method, you should understand your requirements. For example, if you feel you require a mentor to guide you with your preparation, then you should either enroll in a classroom session or hire a tutor. Otherwise, if you are confident enough, then you can prepare for the test on your own.

  2. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses:

    The HSPT primarily evaluates the knowledge that you have gathered in school. However, you should not be under the impression that mere revision will suffice! You must study hard for all sections of the test and while studying, you should take a note of your strengths and weaknesses. The subjects that you are not confident in will require extra attention. You should develop strategies to overcome your weaknesses, so that you are able to take the test with confidence.

  3. Make a schedule:

    An important aspect of preparation is diligence and regularity. To ensure that you are sincere about your preparation, you should draw up a schedule and strictly adhere to it. In the schedule, make certain that you give equal importance and allot sufficient time, to study all sections of the examination. You should also keep time aside, in the schedule, for practice. Also, allot some time for relaxation, so that you are able to maintain your enthusiasm for preparing for the test.

  4. Practicing for the test:

    An important part of preparation is practice. The HSPT consists of multiple-choice questions, which have to be completed within the allotted time. Hence, it is important that you practice solving such questions. As you practice, your speed will increase, which consequently will help you take the test efficiently. Moreover, practice will help you identify a pattern in the errors that you make. This pattern will indicate your weaknesses and then you can develop strategies to overcome them.

The above-mentioned list provides some essential pointers regarding the test prep. Selection of a method of preparation ultimately rests with the candidate and subsequently, the method of preparing will depend on your requirements.

Some Links...

Training (classroom) sessions are usually held within schools campuses. You can get in touch with the respective authorities of your school for details regarding the test prep. Otherwise you can check out the following links for online sessions:

Online courses are usually preferred by students who have time or travel constraints. Institutes providing online courses, often help candidates with the registration process. Before you enroll in an online course you should find out the services they provide. Another thing that you should do, before enrolling, is to check out some students forums and find out the best available online prep courses.

Take Note of...

The fact that the selection of a prep method should be done only after taking into account the time you have in hand. If there is not much time left to prepare and still you want to take the test, then you should enroll in a comprehensive preparatory course. Such a course should be oriented to developing tips and strategies to help you take the test efficiently.

Thus, when you begin your preparation, ensure that you follow all the steps in the first section of the article. After that, check out the options that you have regarding the test prep and then choose one that meets your requirements. Remember, you can succeed in the test only if you are well-prepared for it!