Examination Details Regarding the HSPT

Check List for HSPT

Getting admission in a high-school, especially in a Catholic one, can prove to be quite challenging, unless you achieve high scores in the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The Scholastic Testing Service (STS) holds this test twice in a year, so that students can begin high-school, from spring of fall of the following year. The following sections of this article will help you understand the exam better. So, let's learn more…

HSPT Exam - Simplified!

If you are studying in grade eight and want to commence high-school in the following year, then you will have to take this test. The first step towards proper preparation will be, to gather all the information that you can about the test. The following list will help you with it…

  • Question paper format: The question paper comprises of multiple-choice questions designed to verify your 'cognitive' and 'basic' skills. In other words, it will not only evaluate the knowledge that you have acquired through eight years of school, but also how well you can apply it. The question paper comprises following sections:

    • Verbal: This section consists of 60 questions that have to be completed in 16 minutes.

    • Quantitative: This section consists of 52 questions that ought to be completed in 30 minutes.

    • Reading: This part consists of 62 questions that you have to complete within 25 minutes.

    • Mathematics: This section of the tests comprises 64 questions that you have to complete in 45 minutes.

    • Language: This part of the test consists of 60 questions, which you have to complete in 25 minutes.

    The first two sections of the test, viz. Verbal and Quantitative will evaluate your 'cognitive skills'. This means that the questions you will come across in this part will not be direct. You will need to critically analyze the questions, to understand them. The remaining three sections, viz. Reading, Mathematics and Language will verify your 'basic skills' and they consist of easy to understand, direct questions.

  • Duration of the test: As is evident from the time allotment for each section of the test, the test continues for nearly 2 hours 30 minutes. However, this time limit is exclusive of the breaks provided during the test.

  • Registering for HSPT: As mentioned earlier, the examination is held twice a year. Since seats in high-schools are limited, it is a good idea to take the test at the earliest. You should get in touch with your school authorities regarding registration requirements. Some schools require you to register for the test earlier, whereas others do not require any prior registration.

The above-mentioned list will help you gain an insight into the examination. If you want to know more about it, then click on the following link:http://www.ststesting.com/hp_1.html

Scoring System

The STS provides different types of scores in your score card, so that the marks you receive are a true representation of your faculties. The number of correct answers that you provide, results in the 'raw score'. Each section provides separate 'raw scores', which are then converted to 'scaled scores'. The 'scaled scores' that you receive can range anywhere from 200 to 800. Corresponding to each 'scaled score', you will receive a 'percentile rank'. These 'percentile ranks' are calculated by taking into account the performance of other candidates taking a similar test.

Preparing for the Test

As is evident from the nature of the test and the scoring system, the test is quite rigorous. Hence, you can ace it only with proper preparation, which means you should take a number of mock questions to prepare well for the actual examination. The scores you receive in the mock tests will also indicate the subjects that you are weak in and need to be given more attention.

So, understand the structure and format by studying the list mentioned in the first section of this article. After that, understand the scoring system used by STS, to be able to evaluate your performance. Subsequently, you will find that preparing for the exam will be become easier.