The HSPT as an Entrance Exam

How to Score High in the HSPT?

Prospective high-school students have to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT), to convince the admission authorities of their keenness to begin high-school. However, merely taking the test is not sufficient and you must achieve high scores if you want your admission application to receive due consideration. “How do I do so?” you ask. Well, let's try to answer this question…

Achieving High Scores in HSPT!

Every year high-schools are flooded with admission applications from prospective students. The admission authorities of high-schools choose deserving candidates from these numerous applications, by considering the scores received in the exam. Thus, you must achieve high scores to ensure admission in the high school of your choice. The following list will help you in this endeavor:

  1. Proper preparation: The test will evaluate the knowledge that you have accumulated through eight years of school. However, the test is not merely an analysis of your memory; it will also evaluate your capacity to apply the knowledge correctly. The questions that you will come across in the examination will also evaluate your critical and analytical skills. Hence, mere revision will not suffice and you will have to prepare in all earnestness for the examination. You must also practice solving mock papers, so that you get acquainted with the exact nature of the examination.

  2. Sections of the HSPT test: If you want to score high marks, you must become familiar with the various sections of the test and the question paper format. The test consists of a:

    • Verbal Skills section that has 60 questions, to be answered in 16 minutes
    • Quantitative Skills section, which has 52 questions to be answered in 30 minutes
    • Reading section that has 62 questions, to be answered in 25 minutes
    • Mathematics section that has 64 questions to be completed in 45 minutes
    • Language section that has 60 questions to be completed in 25 minutes

    The above-mentioned list will help you understand the exact nature of the exam. Subsequently, you will now be able to decide the topics that you need to give more attention to. This in turn will help you overcome your weaknesses, ensuring that you are able to score high marks in the test.

  3. Scoring system: The STS uses a number of parameters while evaluating the test paper and hence, the scores you receive are a true representation of your academic aptitude. There is no negative marking and thus, the total number of correct answers that you give result in your 'raw scores'. The 'raw scores' are then converted to 'scaled scores' and the scale range is from 200 to 800. You will also receive 'percentile ranks', corresponding to the 'scaled scores', so that your performance can be evaluated against others taking a similar test. Now that you know the scoring system used by STS, you can evaluate your performance in the mock tests. This will help you identify your weakness, which you should overcome with practice. Once you are able to overcome your weaknesses, you will be able to take the actual test more efficiently.

Having understood the nature of the assessment, you should now begin your test preparation.

How to Prepare for the HSPT Examination?

Preparing well for the test is the only fail-safe method of achieving high scores in the test. You can enroll in an online or classroom course, in order to prepare for the test. Other than that, you can also prepare on your own (self-study) or even hire a tutor. Check out the following links and then choose a preparatory method that caters to your requirements:

Remember to...

Practice well because practice alone will ensure that you are able to take the test with ease and confidence. So study the nature of the test well, by carefully going through the list mentioned in the first section of the article. After that choose a method of preparation and adhere strictly to the instructions given by the preparatory mode of your choice. All of these together will ensure high scores in the examination.