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Checklist for HOBET

HOBET refers to the Health Occupation Basic Entrance Test, which is conducted by ERI (Educational Resources Incorporated), which is now merged with ATI. This test serves as an entrance examination for screening applicants of health occupation courses in colleges of the USA. The test assesses both the academic and personality aspects of its examinees. This examination does not specify a passing score, but as college admissions are based on the competitive elimination of the applicants according to their scores, it is advised that the test-preparers should always aim to attain very high scores in this examination, in order to secure admission in a desired course and in a desired college.


The test essentially consists of four content areas: Mathematics, Science, English Language Usage and Reading Comprehension. There are other content areas also, but these are administered according to the requirements of the courses for which the students apply for admission.

The content areas are enumerated below:

  1. Mathematics

    This content area tests the students’ knowledge of school level Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry and Trigonometry. It constitutes about 20% of the question paper. Given below is the composition of its sub-content areas:

    1. Numbers and Operators - 13%
    2. Measurement and Algebraic Applications - 3%
    3. Data Interpretation - 2%
  2. Science Reading Comprehension

    This content area tests the candidates’ ability to read and comprehend scientific text of school level expertise. This section covers 28% of the entire question paper. The contributions of its component content areas is discussed below:

    1. Informational Source Comprehension - 15%
    2. Paragraph and Passage Comprehension - 13%
  3. Written Expression (English Language Usage)

    This content area tests one’s conceptual foundation of the English Language. English grammar, spellings, pluralization and punctuation constitute the important areas of this section. The students can expect 20% of the questions to belong to this section. The individual sub-content areas are detailed as follows:

    1. Grammar and Vocabulary - 10%
    2. Spelling and Punctuation - 6%
    3. Structure - 4%
  4. Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary

    This content area is aimed at testing the examinees’ understanding of school-level scientific concepts and scientific jargon. This is the largest content area of the test, comprising 32% of it. The contributions of the individual areas of this section are detailed as follows:

    1. Life Science - 10%
    2. Earth and Physical Science - 9%
    3. Human Body Science - 7%
    4. Scientific Reasoning - 5%

The Optionally Administered Sections of the HOBET:

  1. Test Taking Skills - This section tests the ability of the students to apply test-taking strategies intelligently.

  2. Stress Level Profile - This section aims to test the stress management abilities and the stress levels of the students.

  3. Learning Style - This section assesses the individual learning styles of students.

For gaining further information on the content areas, please refer to http://www.atitesting.com/images/Psychometrics/HOBET-V_summary_packet.pdf.

Question Types

Questions are of objective-pattern type with four multiple-choice answers for each question.

The Test Checklist

It is always better to make and follow a checklist of to-do tasks for entrance examinations, which specify a number of criteria to fulfill before taking this examination. It is advisable to implement all the tasks of such checklists, as soon as possible, for the individual students, in order to prevent last-minute jeopardy, which may arise out of not fulfilling these mandatory criteria. These criteria are mentioned, one by one, below:

  1. Reading the test-taking norms completely.
  2. Ensuring payment of fees and completion of exam formalities.
  3. Maintaining exam-hall punctuality.
  4. Checking permissibility rules for personal belongings.
  5. Checking child-permissibility norms.
  6. Fixing a test-taking/retesting center well-in-advance of the test date.


Preparation for the exam requires two approaches: academic preparation and administrative preparation. The students can ensure academic preparation by making themselves aware of the content areas; however, they can ensure administrative preparation by strictly following the given checklist.

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