Details of the Scores for HOBET

Breakdown of Scores for HOBET

Scores are an important feature for HOBET examinees who wish to secure a seat in college through the Health Occupation Basic Entrance Test. These scores are important to the students, mainly, for securing admission in health occupation courses in the USA. The colleges evaluating the suitability of the candidates applying for courses, in their colleges, follow the principle of competitive elimination, based on the scores attained by the applicants. Hence, results are of great significance to the aspirants of health professions in the USA. Nursing, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Medical Sonography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Therapeutic Massage, and Polysomnography, are some of the health occupation courses that require scores for admission.

Significance of the Scores of HOBET

Apart from being extremely influential in college admission matters, results find other important usages too. These scores are used by student mentors for diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, with the objective of nurturing the strengths and taking rectification measures for the lacunae, so that the students are trained into becoming emotionally mature professionals, which is an important prerequisite for pursuing any profession, particularly, the health occupation profession

Scores Declaration

The test administration authorities take different durations of time to declare the results for different formats of this test. The marks for the computer-based tests are declared as soon as possible, while for the paper-based tests, the results are declared after a few days of taking this test, as the papers are sent to the ERI (Educational Resources Inc.) for evaluation.

The outcome of the test is declared in the form of Composite Scores and Composite Percentiles, which are calculated based on the scores obtained by the examinees in the Mathematics and Science Reading Comprehension sections. The HOBET Composite Percentile is the score obtained by the students in comparison to the scores of their specific norm groups.

There are no grades that are officially declared as passing scores, though the students have to compulsorily obtain high scores in this examination in order to gain a competitive edge over their contemporaries, in matters related to college admissions.

Breakdown of Scores

The percentage breakdown is as follows:

  1. Mathematics Scores - The total for this section add up to 30 marks, which are distributed as follows:

    • Numbers and Operations - 19
    • Algebraic Application and Measurement - 4 each
    • Data Interpretation - 3

    In general, a score of above 60 is considered as good in this section, while a score of 60 is considered as average, and a score of 40 is considered as bad.

  2. HOBET Science Reading Comprehension Scores - The totals, for this content area, add up to 42 marks. The scores of the individual sections are as follows:

    • Paragraph and Passage Comprehension - 19
    • Informational Source Comprehension - 23

    The score interpretation for this section is done on three performance-based grades. A percentile scoring for it is done based on the reading rate of the examinee, the reading rate being the number of words that an examinee can read in a minute. The average reading rate of a 10th grade student ranges from 200-450 words. Thus, the percentile ranges awarded to students being tested in this content area are:

    • Independent Level: 69-100
    • Instructional: 39-68
    • Frustration: 0-37

    The students obtaining the Independent and Instructional Level scores are granted admission by colleges, but the ones obtaining the Frustration Level scores are not granted admission in any college.

  3. HOBET Science Scores - This section adds up to a total of 48 marks. Individually, the score accounting for the subsections of this test is as follows:

    • Human Body Science - 11
    • Life Science - 15
    • Earth and Physical Science - 14
    • Scientific Reasoning - 8
  4.   English Language and Usage Scores - The marks from this section, contribute to a maximum of 30 marks with the detailed breakdown of the subsections as below:

    • Grammar and Word Meaning - 15
    • Spelling and Punctuation - 9
    • Structure - 6
  5. Test Taking Skills Scores - The students taking this test are awarded percentiles such as Independent Level, Instructional Level, and Frustration Level, based on their performance levels.


The results calculation is a complicated process, as the scoring systems for the different sections of this examination vary. Hence, one should inquire about the scoring system that is followed in the respective section that one will be taking up, and learn about the scoring system of that section, to perform well in this examination.

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