HOBET Test Preparation

Having a look at the requirements of colleges offering various health care programs would make one realize the significance laid on HOBET. The test includes gauging the skills of students keeping in mind the needs of health care coursework. Therefore, HOBET makes an appraisal of students that is most relevant for colleges offering such programs. Any candidate wanting to enroll in a college for health care would definitely have to take the test and impress the admission authorities with a remarkable performance in it.

Why does HOBET Require Preparation?
HOBET is a test for health care programs. A study was conducted by Education Resources Information Center that compared it with other tests like ACT as a predictor of success in health care colleges. The study clearly indicated that HOBET was a better predictor of your success in these colleges than ACT. Hence, colleges lay enough emphasis on it and you cannot think of getting enrolled to a health program without proving your worth in the test.
Making an impression, however, is a matter of preparation. One does not answer all the questions on an instinct. It requires preparation to bring up your level of performance to the level expected by the admission authorities. Moreover, colleges judge your competiveness, preparedness, chances of success and aptitude for health care coursework by your results. Thus, scores become a reflection of how deserving the candidate is of getting enrolled to a health care program. This can be achieved with the right kind of preparation only.
What kind of preparation is required?
The score report mentions the scores in Essential Mathematics and Reading Comprehension, which add up to provide admission points to the candidate. Hence, these two sections need great concentration while preparation as they reflect how competitive the candidate is. This requires you to polish your reading, math and grammar skills during preparation.

  1. Preparation for Essential Mathematics

Math is not a test that requires you to learn difficult concepts and formulas of math. On the other hand, it tests your basic skills of computation through the questions in this section. The contents for preparation of this section must include the following:

  1. Basic Algebra
  2. Advanced Algebra
  3. Fractions
  4. Basic Math
  5. Intermediate Math
  6. Percents and Ratios

The candidate needs to do a complete review in these content areas in order to gain ease in solving the questions.  One of the best ways to do this is to solve sample questions of this section on a daily basis. This practice can be done after learning your lessons so that the knowledge you have gained can be tested immediately. Moreover, it is essential to keep this practice a regular feature in your test preparation. This brings speed and accuracy in your test taking skills for this section.
For the preparation of this section it is also essential to take timed practice tests. This gives you an idea of the time you will take to complete the test questions. If you are very slow you will have to practice some time saving strategies. One of the ways to do so is to practice solving the problem with different methods. Hence you can adopt the method with which you take the least time to come to the solution.

  1. Preparation for Science Reading Comprehension

This is another section which counts towards the points awarded to you during the admission process. Hence, it should be dealt with complete seriousness. Although you will be provided with passages based on scientific information, you are not required to learn difficult science concepts for this section. On the other hand, during preparation of this section, you must get used to the diction used in articles related to science so that you can understand the given passage well.
The difficulty level of the passages matches the 10th grade level. Hence, with good preparation of this section understanding the passages should not pose a great difficulty. However, you must practice to increase your vocabulary, grammar skills and reading rate during preparation. Along with these, you should practice questions like main idea questions, questions on details given in the passage, inferential questions, questions on technique used in the passage etc. as well.
Certain sections do not require you to prepare for the subject matter. In fact they require you to improve your tendencies and attitude towards things like stress, social interaction, skills of test taking etc.
Colleges would like to know how you deal with stress, the ways in which you learn best, how well you can interact with others and what your test taking skills are. The various test sections help in evaluating these skills of a candidate. However, before the colleges know these details about your abilities you must realize them yourself so that you can improve upon them if required.

  1. It is essential that you recognize your stress levels during preparation and learn measures to bring down stress. This will help you to exhibit control over stress and your efficiency to work under stressful conditions. You will have to improve your problem solving skills and learn to maintain a positive attitude for gaining success in this area.
  2. Practicing for improving test taking skills helps you to take the exam well. Hence, you must learn all techniques of handling all types of tests like essay writing tests, multiple choice question tests, standardized tests etc. You can collect information to understand the features of different tests as well as tips and strategies that can be followed for each one of them, and also take small tests of each kind to practice these tips.
  3. Your skills in social interaction can be improved under the guidance of a teacher. You must learn to communicate and express yourself clearly. Hence, you should have a good command over language. This calls for practice of language skills during preparation. Moreover, learning and performing problem solving activities in a group enhances your interaction skills. Such activities should be included during practice sessions.
  4. For the section dealing with Learning Style, one need not prepare in the conventional manner. However, it pays to recognize your learning style before taking the test since it can help you to prepare for the test in the best possible way.

Preparation for a test must be done when there is enough time to take the test. Preparation must not be a hurried affair. On the other hand, it should be done when you have sufficient time to learn your lessons, practice them and improve your skills.
For most students studies of 5 to 6 weeks proves to be sufficient. However, this should not be taken as sufficient preparatory time by all candidates preparing for the test. You need to analyze the time you are likely to take for preparation by a little introspection. If you are either a slow learner or less prepared for the exam, you can require more time than others. On the other hand, if your preparation level is already good, and you only need to brush up your skills, you can probably do so in lesser time than that required by others.
Your preparation must be such that you gain first-hand information about the features of the test.
Understanding the pattern of the test, questions types, time to answer each question etc. are required in order to gain confidence. You must make it a point to understand the test before you start preparing for it in order to make your preparation useful.
HOBET Study Guides and Other Preparation Assistance
You can order a study guide from the official website, www.eriworld.com, which is recommended by most of the colleges. It also offers online web based practice test for about $20. Apart from these, there are many other forms of assistance available for studying. You can look-up a book store for more study guides for preparation. Moreover, courses conducted by coaching institutes and online courses also prove to be very helpful for many students.
One Last Word
You must remember that any amount of guidance can go waste if you do not put in efforts from your side. As is famously said, ‘You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’. Similarly, it is possible to have guidance and assistance for preparation, however, one needs to go ahead and make the best use of the guidance and tips for preparation by putting in enough efforts. Only then will the fruit of hard work be the sweetest and well deserved.

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