Choices of Study Guides for HOBET

How to Choose the Best HOBET Study Guide for Yourself?

Books are a good source of preparation for students appearing for the HOBET (Health Occupation Basic Entrance Test). The HOBET, which is conducted by the ERI (Educational Resources Incorporated), is taken by health occupation aspirants of the USA, in order to qualify for admission in the colleges that offer health occupation courses.

Many publishers have released books and practice papers, in the markets, and the students have to be adept at choosing the best guide from amongst them. Hence, this article is aimed at helping students in selecting good test material for their preparation.

Review of Popular HOBET Study Guides

Reviewed below are some popular reading materials:

  1. ATI Allied Health HOBET V Package Study Manual and Online Practice Test (

    This study manual is from ATI, the official test administrators of HOBET. It explains all the concepts clearly. After gaining a command over the concepts by studying this book, the students should practice for the test, by working on the online HOBET Practice Tests that supplement this study manual. The online Practice Tests consist of 150 question papers designed after the HOBET V tests. The students can take each practice test for a maximum of five times. The practice questions are provided with a well-explained answer key. The online practice tests are however, available to individuals, and not institutions.

  2. HOBET Study Guide 2013: Secrets to Outsmart the Exam (

    Written by a team of competent professionals, this is one of the books with content that is designed with the motive of explaining the subject areas in a simple and engaging language. It has 300 practice questions. This test prep book differs from many other prep books in teaching the students effective ways to implement their knowledge while taking this examination.

  3. Educational Resources Incorporated The HOBET Study Guide (

    Published by ERI, this manual can be considered as one of the most authentic and authoritative sources, as the publisher is the original administrator of the examination. Authored by a competent writer and coach, Dr. Michael D. Frost, this preparation book, reveals effective test-taking strategies.

Selecting a Good HOBET Study Guide for Yourself

The tips given below will be helpful for selecting good books:

  1. The students should give first preference to materials that are published by the official test administrators such as ERI or ATI. All study manuals authored by these publishers should be referred.

  2. When choosing a guide that is not published by the official publishers, the students should purchase those prep books that have good user ratings and user reviews. These reviews and ratings will be available on third party websites (the websites that neither belong to the official publishers of the book, or the book promoters).

  3. Books that cover all the important concepts of the testing areas, in a clear and reader-friendly tone, are the ones to be selected. Books that are written in a language that is not comprehendible by the test-takers are of little use to them.

  4. Good materials have an adequate number of timed practice tests that simulate the actual test-taking conditions, in order to familiarize students with the testing conditions, so that they are prepared to attempt all the questions in the given time.

  5. The resources that not only have a large number of practice tests, but also include well-explained answer keys, are expected to be considered very useful by their readers. This is because it is not enough for a study guide to let students know if their concepts are right or wrong, but also let the students know why they are right or wrong and then guide them further in gaining and retaining clearer knowledge about the content area under consideration.


Prep materials and resources are found to effectively contribute to the success of the students in this examination. However, it is important for the followers of these study guides to understand that these students were successful because they cleverly utilized their study resources for attaining success in this examination. Merely purchasing books and not using them effectively will be sheer wastage of valuable time and money of the test-takers. Hence, the students can take the help of experts in choosing good test material.

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