HOBET Scores

Breakdown of HOBET Scores and Their Importance

Scores obtained in the HOBET test are of great importance to aspirants who aim to join health-related courses. The results help colleges in screening students who apply for health occupation courses in their colleges. These scores not only convey the academic aptitude of students in Mathematics and Science, to college admission authorities, but also let them know about their abilities to handle work-stress, socialize and implement test-taking strategies.

Importance of HOBET Scores

The marks of students are used by colleges for granting them admission into their health care programs. These scores are also helpful in assessing a student's academic and personality strengths and weaknesses. Thus, apart from being useful for health occupation course admission purposes, these scores help the student mentors to nurture the strengths of their students and take remedial action for their drawbacks.

Declaration of HOBET Scores

The outcome of the computer-based test are declared immediately after a candidate completes the test. However, the scores of the paper-based test are not declared immediately after taking the test, as the answer sheets are sent to Educational Resources Incorporation for evaluation.

HOBET- Passing and Good Scores

The website does not specify any passing score. The colleges offering health occupation courses specify threshold percentages for granting admissions to students. The threshold points also differ individually, as per the course program requirements of a college. There is no individual score that can be defined as a "good score", as the threshold values for such definitions vary across colleges, and also across the different courses of the same college.

The Breakdown of HOBET Scores

The scores from the test, according to the constituent sections of the test, are as follows:

  • Essential Math Skills- A score of 40 or below, in this section, is generally considered as an incompetent score, while a score of 60 in this section, is considered as average score. A score higher than 60 is considered as a good score, here.

  • Science Reading Comprehension- Reading Rate Percentiles are awarded to examinees in this section. The Reading Rate Placement is a percentile measure of a student's performance in this section.

    In this section, three levels of percentiles are awarded to candidates, as shown below:

    • Independent Level Percentile - This varies from 69%-100%.
    • Instructional Level Percentile - This varies from 39%-68%.
    • Frustration Level Percentile - This varies from 0%-37%.

    These percentiles are calculated upon the Reading Rate and Reading Rate Placement values. The students can expect to be admitted in health occupation colleges, if they secure Independent and Instructional level percentiles. However, it should be noted that a Frustration Level percentile is not accepted by the colleges for admission into their courses.

  • Test Taking Skills- Similar to the Science Reading Comprehension section, the performance of students in this section, is also categorized into three levels:

    • Independent Level- This level indicates good performance of the test-taker. Colleges readily accept students with percentiles that fall in this category.

    • Instructional Level - Scores pertaining to this category indicate a satisfactory level of performance of the students in this content area. Colleges grant admission to students who have secured marks in this category, if the scores match their admission criteria.

    • Frustration Level - Students obtaining scores belonging to this category are mostly rejected admission, as these scores indicate their poor performance in the test.

  • Stress Level - The marks from this section are indicative of a test-taker's stress levels. Students who are found to be under high levels of stress are counseled by student therapists to overcome their stresses.

  • Learning Style Scores- The percentiles from this section are used by college admission authorities for identifying the individual learning style of each test taker. It is used by colleges for imparting education to the students according to their individual learning styles.

Composite Scores and Composite Percentiles

As one can notice, the exam includes personality tests, the scores of which can only be utilized for assessing the personality aspects of a candidate. The scores of the academic content areas of Essential Math and Science Reading Comprehension are relevant for college admission assessments. Hence, a score combining the results from these two categories of skills, called the Composite Score, and a corresponding Composite Percentile, are calculated and sent to colleges.


The HOBET follows a complex scoring pattern. Nevertheless, one should understand the exam scoring system well, and aim to perform well in this examination. Attaining high scores requires preparation for its skill areas; the academic skill area and the personality skill area. Hence, the students should ensure that they have completely taken care of all the testing aspects of the test, before they attempt it.