Important Information Regarding HOBET

5 Important Things about HOBET

HOBET refers to the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test that is conducted by the Educational Resources Incorporated (ERI), for health care aspirants, in the USA. This test is designed to test a student's basic aptitude in becoming a part of the health care industry in the USA. This is an all-USA examination. The test takers are approximately allotted 209 minutes for answering the Mathematics, Science, English Usage and Reading Comprehension sections of this test; the test will take longer or lesser time than 209 minutes for completion depending upon the number of testing areas administered by the test centers and the time allotted for completing each of these sections. This test is commonly administered in the Computer-based format. However, the internet and paper-and-pencil versions of this test are also available.

HOBET Sections

The essential sections of the test are Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Science and English Language Usage. The HOBET consists of more content areas, but one or more of these may be administered, at the discretion of the testing centers.

The Different Sections of the HOBET are as Follows:

  1. Essential Math Skills

    This section evaluates the basic concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra. This content area contributes 20% of the question paper. The percentage contributions of the individual testing areas of this content area are as follows:

    • Numbers and Operations - 13%
    • Data Interpretation - 2%
    • Algebraic Applications - 3%
    • Measurement - 3%
  2. Science Reading Comprehension

    This section is based on one's knowledge of scientific concepts. The students can expect 28% of the question paper to consist of questions from this testing area. The percentage breakup of the individual sections of this testing area is shown below:

    • Informational Source Comprehension - 15%
    • Paragraph and Passage Comprehension - 13%
  3. Written Expression

    This is an English language test that assesses the grammar, punctuation, spelling and pluralization concepts of the HOBET test-takers. This testing area, consisting of 3 sub-content areas, covers 20 % of the paper. The breakup of the individual sub-content areas is as follows:

    • Grammar and Vocabulary - 10%
    • Structure - 4%
    • Spelling and Punctuation - 6%
  4. Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary

    This part assesses the scientific knowledge and scientific vocabulary of the examinees. This testing area is the largest as it individually covers 32% of the HOBET question paper. The individual content area break up of this section is as follows:

    • Life Science - 10%
    • Earth and Physical Science - 9%
    • Human Body Science - 7%
    • Scientific Reasoning - 5%

Some Other HOBET Test Sections that you may have to take:

  • Stress Level Profile - This test is done to check the stress management abilities of the students. The students should be aware that this section may not be administered by all HOBET centers.

  • Learning Style - This test is used to identify the preferred learning styles of students. It is not mandatory for all the test centers to administer this content area.

  • Test Taking Skills - This section evaluates one's ability to take tests.

For further details regarding the HOBET sections, please refer to

HOBET Question Types

The questions of most of the sections are of the objective-pattern, with multiple-choice answering options. However, one has to contact the colleges conducting the HOBET in order to obtain relevant information about the question types of the Written Expression section.

5 Important Points about the HOBET

  1. All the Sections of the HOBET are Not Administered by all the Colleges - The colleges conducting this exam, administer only those content areas of  that are relevant to the health occupation courses that they offer. Hence, the students must inquire about the content areas that they have to take, at the time of registration for this examination, at the college where they want to take the test.

  2. No Passing Score - The test does not specify any passing score. However, one should perform well in this examination to gain a competitive edge over other students appearing for this examination.

  3. Scores Awarded Are Comparative and Not Absolute - The marks received in the different sections of  the test are not the absolute scores, but comparative values based on the performance of other candidates who have taken the same test.

  4. The Concept of a "Good HOBET Score" is Individualistic – The students should be aware that different colleges have different criteria for considering a score as suitable for admission into their colleges. Similarly, the score considerations for admission into different health occupation programs of the same college may vary on the same lines.

  5. Registration and Examination Costs - Information about registration and cost for taking this test can be obtained from the colleges that conduct this examination.


Taking HOBET is important for candidates considering a health occupation profession in the USA. Hence, the students have to understand the different aspects of this examination thoroughly, in order to prepare well for this examination.