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Sources of HOBET Study Books

A guide book is required while preparing for the HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test). Conducted by the ERI (and presently conducted by the ATI), this examination is taken by health occupation aspirants of the USA. The official test administrators and other publishers have released books to facilitate the preparation for students, in an effective and time-economized manner. Most of the study guides are focused sources of information, lessons, practice tests, and test-taking strategies. Hence, students often regard these books as a one-stop solution to everything associated with the entrance exam. Consequently, they do not have to waste their precious time and energy in search of information and study resources that are difficult to access. Eventually, the study guides enable students to effectively prepare for this examination in a shorter period of time, than they would otherwise take.

Popular HOBET Study Books

Reviewed Below are Some Popular HOBET Study Books:

  1. ERI - The HOBET Study Guide (

    This guide, published by ERI (the original administrators of the HOBET), can be considered as one of the most authentic preparation books, as it is authored and published by the same team that originally developed the test. Students should compulsorily try to possess a copy of this guide, which educates the readers on proven  test taking strategies. The author, Michael D. Frost, is a doctorate degree holder and possesses an authority on HOBET guidance.

  2. World Medical Publishing HOBET Test (

    Some authors have written books for specific health occupations individually, and some of these books have got very favorable ratings from their readers. One amongst them is the World Medical Publishing HOBET Test for the  nursing entrance examination. This book includes a software of 3000 simulation questions for those with the Windows operating system computers.

  3. Trivium Test Prep HOBET V Study Guide 2013: Secrets to Outsmart the Exam(

    This is another guide that has earned good user reviews. The simple and reader-friendly language and the content of this book makes it easy for students to readily learn and memorize the concepts; the 300 practice questions provided in this book, prepare the HOBET students adequately for this examination.

Sources of HOBET Study Books

Selecting a good book is a difficult task, as there a number of publishers claiming their books to be the best. However, the students should be able to identify the prep books that are not fluffed up, and serve the purpose of providing guidance for preparation, as well. This is possible only when the chosen study materials are from authentic sources.

Discussed Below are Some Popular Sources of HOBET Books:

  1. The Official HOBET Websites

    The official websites are those that belong to the creators of this test. These websites contain links to various preparation resources. The ATI Health website ( is one such source. As these books are from the creators and test evaluators of the HOBET, the students can safely consider them to be the most authentic materials of preparation.

  2. Websites of Popular Book Promoters

    Popular book promoters such as Amazon ( have a well-organized search engine to lead the students to the best study guides available from some of the most competent authors and publishers of the world. These websites, not only provide links to these books, but also present useful reader and editorial reviews and descriptions of these books. This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of gaining access to a good resource for preparation.

  3. Conventional Bookstores and Libraries

    Popular book stores that sell preparatory books for college entrance examinations and libraries that contain educational books, are probable sources of books for the test. A student can gain access to a study guide of his/her choice from these sources. However, they must ensure that they consider only those books that have gained good user reviews. At the same time, senior test-takers and school teachers can also provide good advice regarding proper study material, to the students.


A study guide is a major preparatory resource for this examination, and the success in this examination depends to a great extent on the resource that a student selects for reference, and how he/she uses it cleverly to derive maximum benefit from it for attaining high success in this examination.

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