What Is A Good Score For The GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section?

The quantitative reasoning measure has two sections made up of 20 questions to be completed in 35 minutes each. The quantitative score is considered as an indication of logical and computational ability of a student. The obvious question as to” What is a good GRE quantitative score”? is little subjective. Different graduate and business schools have a different requirement, though there is no official minimum. Guidelines for the Use of GRE scores, which is also available in the website allows the institutions to use the scores appropriately. It is better to check with the college of your choice. Most schools will consider the percentile as it gives a better idea on how the student fared compared to the others who took the same test and it is a better indication of your abilities. GRE is a great way to reach thousands of potential candidates. Even if you score low but come with competitive experience and references, you still stand a good chance to get admission in the college of your choice.

The revised GRE format is much friendlier to the test takers. The verbal and quantitative sections are scored on a scale of 130-170 with one point increment unlike the previous format which had a 10 point increment on a score scale of 200-800. However the test pattern is friendlier, the standard deviation of the results will be much more evenly spread hence it will be a close competition. The scoring pattern of analytical writing remains the same.

How is GRE Score Good or Bad?

For the computer based format your scores reflect the number of questions answered correctly as well as the difficulty level of each question. Answering the difficult questions will give you a better score. That of course will depend on how you fared in the previous section of the same part. For the paper based test your scores will depend on the number of questions you answered correctly. How a GRE score is good or bad depends on what you are aiming to achieve. There is little scope of comment on this issue. However, in general there are some criteria, depending on the admission cut off limits of universities. Whether the score is good or bad depends upon a number of factors... The main reason for getting a bad GRE score is that the candidate might not have been able to cope with the pressure to prepare and thus might have ended up suffering from examination tension. If you don’t perform properly in the first try, then you can take a re-test to secure a good score. If you are not sure of scoring well the next time around then there is always a 50:50 chance of performing poorly the next time also. Both the good or bad score will then be sent to the university in which you have applied, unless you get your GRE score cancelled which is a very difficult proposition. While some schools will consider the average of the two, some might just consider the better of the two. In case you have scores for both the old format as well as the new format then consider the scores of the new format as these scores give a more realistic value of your abilities.

You should aim at achieving a good score, as it will help you to fulfil your aim of getting admission into a good masters program. PhD programs, technical departments like engineering will demand a very good score. The weight given to a good GRE score varies tremendously from school to school, so you must contact the authorities of the particular school in which you apply in order to clarify their requirements.

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