Tutorials for the GRE

GRE is conducted in two ways. The paper based test is one and the computer adaptive test is the other. One needs to be aware of the procedure for appearing for the exam. This makes one comfortable when one starts taking the real GRE. ETS, has formulated a tutorial on GRE. You can access it from their web site at: www.ets.org. It contains details about how the exam is taken. This is very useful for appearing for the computer adaptive test. The tutorial commences by explaining the fundamentals of computer like how the mouse and keyboard are used etc. This adapts to the candidate's level of intelligence. When you give an answer correctly, the computer adaptive test software chooses a more difficult question. Moreover one can not return to any previous question. Hence, one needs to be very careful while registering the final answer. Going through the tutorials on GRE shall make you confident about taking the exam on a computer.

Section-wise Tutorials for the GRE

Tutorials are provided for individual sections of the GRE. Numerous web sites offer such tutorials. Mostly, such tutorials form a part of some online course for the test Nonetheless, many such web sites even offer tutorials on GRE free for download. You should start your preparation by going through these tutorials. The next thing to do is to take a mock test. What you receive as the score for this mock test can be determined as your initial takeoff level. Download some tutorials and go through them.

For self study tutorials can form an excellent source of study tools. They can help you to give a quick start in your preparation. These tutorials are mostly based on a audio-visual format and hence are interesting and comfortable to use. Each concept is explained briefly and then it is followed by suitable examples. Each type of question is touched upon and hence you are not met with surprises in the GRE. There are sample questions in these tutorials along with answers. Since these tutorials are designed by experts, there is less chance of an error in them or their being out of context. These tutorials are made interesting by including some games, puzzles etc in them.

GRE Test Taking Strategies Tutorial

There is a specific methodology for answering the test paper. Your speed as well as your knowledge is tested in GRE. You are checked for how quickly you can arrive at the correct answer. Hence, you should be acquainted with some time saving techniques. Many tutorials for the GRE teach such strategies. For the math section, you shall be taught how to calculate the answers quicker. You are taught how to interpret phrases for the AWA section. You are taught how to correlate words or parts of sentences for the verbal section.

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