Strategies To Help Take The GRE Efficiently

Apart from your hard work and studies, you need important tips for taking the GRE. There are three sections in the test and you will require separate set of strategies for each section. To score good marks, you will need to devise strategies to take the entire test in a competent manner. There are various materials online which discuss various exam tips and claim that they have helped many to score high. The good news about the new GRE format is that you can skip a particular question and revert to it later. So don’t delve into one particular question for too long. Remember time is precious doesn’t mean that you rush through the questions. Have a fair idea on how much time to devote to each question. This should be done at the preparatory stage itself.

In the new test the level of difficulty in the second section will depend on the number of correct answers given in the previous section of the same part. It is worthwhile to take time on these questions. If you are unsure of an answer try making intelligent guesses by the method of elimination. There is no penalty for wrong answer so make the most by answering all the questions.

Tips for the Verbal Section

This section not only tests your vocabulary skills but also tests your grammar, your choice of words, the usage of appropriate syntax etc. So it is very important to brush up your basic grammar.

First tip is that during the exam, you should go through all choices before deciding on an answer. Try and be aware of obvious answers. There might be a few questions of the easy type. Eliminating obvious choices will help deciding on the right choices. For Sentence completion questions, try using known words to complete the sentence and then look at the given choices, whenever in a dilemma. For the reading comprehension sections try and classify the given essay as an argument or a simple description of facts. Decompose the whole content into paragraphs, and then hunt for the main idea and the intent behind the paragraphs. It is a good idea to use a scratch paper to jot down the basic threads of each paragraph, so that you have a mental map imprinted in your mind. Attempting the questions using these strategies will help you to be accurate and faster. There are no partial credits given hence there is no harm in making intelligent guesses.

Tips for the Math Exam

A very important tip is that during the exam, you should study your questions carefully. You should be careful and you should not misread under the pressure of time. Avoid basic calculation errors, most arithmetic calculations required will be simple. Do not get bogged down to solving a question for too long, just because you find it interesting. You should pace your efforts evenly throughout the section. The new format allows the use of calculators. While it has simplified your work you should be familiar with the use of interface to prevent any time wastage.

For problems on equations, cancel out common terms on first go to help simplify problems. For comparison questions, try and avoid calculations, just compare by simplifying one or either of the sides wherever possible. Learn the math tips given in the study materials for the test to solve the questions in the shortest time possible. There are web sites which also give you special math tips. Apply these strategies and they will help you to score well. These tips will save your time during the exam.

Tips for the Analytical Writing Assessment Section

A very good tip for Analytical section is that concentrate on your essay structure. Divide your ideas into an introduction, the main argument and a conclusion section. Try using transitional phrases like 'Hence', 'So', 'thereafter' etc to build your constructs. Try and be professionally balanced in your rendition of issue essays. Do not delve into a long rant of self driven opinions on issue based essay. Do not present very wild and bold arguments in your issue essay. Present a mild temperament. The idea is not to judge your specific knowledge content but to test on how well you can articulate and communicate your ideas coherently. In the analysis of argument essay, be specific in clear short sentences. You are not being judged on your stand but on how convincingly and logically you can analyze the argument.  Remember to be relaxed on your test day, don't panic and wear something comfortable.

These tips are necessary and can only act as a supplement to your preparation. You cannot replace your hard work with these tips for taking GRE.

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