GRE Registration Procedures

It is essential that you complete registering for the GRE even before you begin preparing for the examination.  This test is taken by students who are seeking admissions in postgraduate courses in colleges and universities in US and Canada. When you register for the exam you have to fill your personal particulars, selection of the format of the exam, exam center and the date of the exam. The process to register for the test also includes the payment of the fees. Other than the above information, you are required to submit names of the colleges or universities where you want the score of GRE exam to be sent. ETS sends your scores to your preferred colleges directly. The score of this exam is valid for two years. If you need an additional score sheet you can get one after paying an additional fee.

This exam consists of two tests: General Test and Subject test. The General test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative skills and analytical skills. The GRE subject test measures candidates achievements in eight specific subjects. The candidate has to separately register for GRE general test and GRE subject test. To get your preferred date for the test, candidate should register as early as possible, as appointments for the test are fixed on a first come, first served basis. You should always register well in advance so that you get enough time to prepare for the test and you receive the study material from ETS in time.

GRE General Test

GRE general test can be taken as computer based test or paper based test. Computer based test is available only in certain countries. Before you register yourself for the exam you should confirm from the ETS web site that the test center of your choice has the facility of conducting the exam in the format of your choice.

Registration for the Computer Based Test

There are generally three modes to register for the exam:

Register for GRE online:

You can register online by logging on to the web site ( Select the web registration option. When you register online the web page will guide you to choose the test country, test center location and the test date. Payment to register for GRE online can be done through credit cards. The facility to pay by credit card is not available for the candidates from Nigeria.

Register for GRE by Phone or Fax:

If the candidate wants to register for GRE  in US, US Territory or Canada, he can call up Prometric Candidate Services Center. You can register for GRE from Monday to Friday (8 a.m.-8 p.m.). The student will be given a confirmation number, a reporting number and the test center address against the GRE registration when he makes a call. But for the candidates from countries other than those mentioned above, the candidates have to call up their RRC (regional registration centers) to register and get the test center and the preferred test date. Payment by phone can be made through various modes like American Express, Discover, JCB, or a Master Card. You can also fax your form to your RRC for registration at least seven days before your test date. You will receive a conformation number, a reporting number and the test center through fax or mail if you have provided your mail id.

Register for GRE by Mail:

The candidates from US, US territory or Canada have to fill up an Authorization Request Voucher form to register for GRE exam by mail which is available on the ETS web site. You should send this form for registration along with the payment to the address printed on the voucher form. It takes almost four weeks for processing and delivery of conformation number, a reporting number and the test center. After getting the voucher, you should call at your RRC to schedule an appointment for the GRE test before the expiry date mentioned on the voucher.

For the candidates from an international location (other than the above mentioned countries), the International Test Scheduling Form has to be filled up and sent to their appropriate RRC (Regional registration center) with the payment. You can also fax this form to your regional registration center to register for GRE. A conformation number, the reporting time, and the test center will be mailed to you.

If you do not receive the confirmation mail then you should contact your RRC at least three days before your scheduled test date. If you failed to report about the non confirmation of registration before the scheduled test date at your RRC, then you will not get back your fee amount.

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