Registering for GRE

The Most Convenient Method for Registering for GRE

The GRE is a standardized test which is globally accepted as a measure of a test taker's abilities and skills required in order to pursue university level education. requires good preparation and a lot of practice in order to crack the test in the first attempt. The test is administered through dedicated testing centers around the world. This means that you can take the test by registering for the examination in your location. This test has three sections called Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Detailed information about the test content and the question types in each section of the test is available on the official website, which is as follows: You should make sure that you thoroughly read the information available before registration because it makes things much easier. Below you will find material explaining the most convenient method for registering.

General Information about the GRE

The GRE is a timed examination. This means that each test section is allotted with a particular amount of time. A test taker is expected to complete all the questions in the test section within that time. This makes it tough for you to get every answer right. Hence you should practice each test section and be well prepared on the test day. Give yourself ample time before you take the test. Consider the amount of days you will require to prepare before registering for the test. The test is administered in the computer based format. Locations that do not have the computer based format, administer the paper based format. You should check the type of test administration offered in your location before  registering for the test. You can do so by logging into the following site:

1. How to Register Online

This is the most convenient method of registering for GRE. Before registering online you should go through the details and guidelines that are provided on the website as follows: You should read the relevant information according to the type of test administration before registering for the test. Test takers taking either computer or paper-based test can register for the test online. The test taker should ensure he has a "My GRE Account" before registering for the test. If you do not already have one you can create one at the official website. Online registrations require the use of a valid credit card. Students with disabilities and special needs are not allowed to register online. Test takers from Nigeria taking the paper based test are not allowed to register for the test online.

2. How to Register Over the Phone

Paper based test takers are not allowed to register for the test over the phone. Test takers taking the computer-based test can register for the test over the phone. You will be given a confirmation number, testing center address and reporting time when you have finished registering for the test. You will require a valid credit card to pay the required fee if you are registering over the phone.

3. How to Register Via Mail

Test takers taking the paper based test should download the necessary form available on the official website and enclose it along with a payment made through the methods mentioned on the website. This should be sent to the address directed on the application form. Processing takes usually up to four weeks. Those registering for GRE and taking the computer-based test should download and complete the necessary form and mail it to the directed address along with the prescribed fee. After you have received a confirmation of your payment you can schedule a testing date by registering for the test. Always remember that you should not take the test lightly. It involves great skill and effort to be able to achieve a high score on the test. Perseverance and smart work will pay off in the end. Also remember to use reliable preparation material when preparing for the test.

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