Procedures For GRE Registration

Register for GRE in These Easy Steps

When you start preparing for GRE you should select a test date. It is essential because it will not only provide the impetus required to prepare for the examination, but also help in the registration process. Preparation for the test is incomplete if you do not register for the test. However, you should know how to register for the test. To help you with the registration process, the steps you need to follow in order to register for the test are discussed in the following section.

Steps to be Followed, while Registering for GRE

The registration process for the examination can become quite confusing if you do not prepare for it beforehand. The steps for registration are as follows:

1. Before you register for the test you must find out whether you will have to appear for the computer based or the paper based examination. To find that out click on the following link:

2. The next step to register is selection of a test center and test date. Selection of a test center is essential since seats of a center are distributed amongst candidates on a first come first served basis. Similarly you should select a test date so that you can mention it in your registration form. Moreover, if you are appearing for retests ensure that there is a 60 days gap between the two test dates. This is a very important point to remember when you register GRE test. If you want to know about test dates and centers then click on the following link:

3. While selecting a test center remember that all centers are not available for all of the test dates. So you should select test centers accordingly. You will also need to select more than one test center because if ETS is unable to provide a seat in the test center of your choice then they will know the others that will be convenient for you. However, if you are registering online then you do not need to mention them.

4. Before you register for the test you need to know the modes that are being used for registration. The various methods of registration are as follows: You can register for the test online. In this process you will have to create an account and fill up the registration form online. If you want to use this mode of registration then click on the following link:

You can register by phone and for that you will have to call up a convenient prometric test center in order to register for the test. You can also register by fax but you must send the fax at least 7 days before the examination.

You can register through mail as well. In order to do so you will have to fill the registration form manually and post to a convenient prometric test center.

5. In order to register you will need a valid identification proof. You will also need a valid credit card if you are going to pay the registration fees online. Otherwise you can also pay the registration fees through a money order or personal checks.

6. If you require any disability accommodation or special facility then you cannot register online. You will have to be present personally during the registration process.

The afore-mentioned steps outline the things you should remember to register. If you want to cancel your registration then you must do so at least 3 days before the test date otherwise you will not get any refund. So be careful while selecting a test date. Remember that you must be thoroughly prepared for the examination well before the test date; otherwise you will have to undergo a cumbersome cancellation process.

The pivotal factor for selection of a test date is your preparation for the examination. Before you register for the examination you should also go through the following website:

This website will give you the basic information about GRE registration. So gather all the required information and then register for the test.