Details Regarding The Psychology Subject Test Of GRE

GRE Psychology Subject Test-Who Should Take It?

Are you aspiring to get higher education in an English speaking country? Most of the students will utter a 'yes' because they want to walk along with other successful people in the world and thus fulfill their ever awaited dream of getting a graduate degree from English speaking countries. Those who are educated in advanced countries get a good job easily after they return to their home country whereas; others want to get an employment and settle as immigrants in those countries themselves. These are some of the reasons why you should rush to crack GRE.

Educational Testing Services (ETS) administers Graduate Record Exam (GRE). This exam tests your general as well as specific abilities. The general abilities are tested with the help of three test sections. These are the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing tests. Alongside, the specific abilities of students are examined with the help of different Subject Tests. They are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biochemistry and Psychology. The question that may arise in a candidate's mind is what is the use of such a detailed test  i.e. what is the need for testing in different subject areas when general tests are sufficient to assess a candidate? The answer to this question lies in the fact that before you get a chance to attend the academic sessions in a renowned college through GRE, you must be assessed for your knowledge in the subjects of your interest. Besides, career counselors of different colleges will guide you towards choosing a course that will be the most suitable for you to study during your graduation. Psychology is one of the various subject tests that are offered by this test. In the later part of the article, details regarding this subject test are explained.

Psychology Test and its Sub Sections

Psychology GRE comprises multiple-choice questions with five answer options to each question. The psychology test measures the abilities of examinees to understand a person through one's physical appearance and the behavior with others. This subject also examines your ability to understand how well a person is adjusting in his society and forming a social network of his own. In addition, it assesses your knowledge of the history of Psychology; and the analysis and interpretation of various researches that constitute the subject of Psychology.

You are awarded a total score along with two sub scores. The total score of GRE comprises scores from the three sub sections- Experimental, Social and Other Areas sub sections. Sub scores are awarded for the Experimental and Social sub sections whereas no separate sub score is bestowed on the Other Areas sub section. Experimental Sub section: This sub section assesses your knowledge of the topics such as sensation, perception, memory, thinking, verbal and non-verbal communication, psychological theories and their applications in real life etc.

Social Sub Section: You can score high in this test section if you have familiarity with the topics such as physical, mental and social development; conflicts, disorders and their causes; family and cultural influences; intelligence; emotions etc. Other Areas Sub Section: Along with information about the above-mentioned topics, you should also be aware of the origin of psychology; various researches that are taking place in this field from time to time; analysis and interpretation of the results obtained from researches and deriving solutions to the social problems. The Other Areas sub section includes questions from topics belonging to these categories.

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Are you the One among those attending this Test?

'Yes' you are the one who is aspiring to pass the psychology:

  • If you have taken psychology as a major subject during your undergraduate program of study and want to study more about this subject.
  • If you have a deep interest in studying about human personality, one's behavior in society; and problems that exist in the society due to one's attitude towards self and others.
  • If you want to get higher education in Psychology and become a successful psychologist.
  • If you want to learn about the various psychological problems that are obstacles in human development.

Do you find this subject difficult to study? Not really, if you refer to this description to obtain answers to the questions viz what Psychology is; which topics constitute the psychology test of GRE and whether you really deserve to take the psychology!