The Different Types Of GRE Preparatory Options Provided By Princeton

Princeton GRE - A Brief Overview

GRE or the Revised General Tests is the most widely recognized examination that is taken by students for securing admission in graduate and business schools. By taking this test, the prospective graduates and business school applicants demonstrate their skills to pursue studies at the graduate level. GRE is conducted in 700 test centers that are located in over 160 countries. The test is taken in the following two formats:

  • Computer Based Tests: The computer adapted tests are administered on different dates throughout the year at regular intervals.
  • Paper Based Tests: These tests are available in those locations where computer based tests are not available. However, the paper-based tests can be taken only three times a year in October, November and February.

GRE reflects the ability of the students to integrate their skills and proficiency to perform the academic tasks in college. In other words, the scores of the test reveal the college readiness of the test takers or their willingness to continue with the graduate studies.

Test Sections of GRE

  • Verbal Reasoning: This section evaluates the ability of the test takers to assess the information that is provided in the written material.

  • Quantitative Reasoning: The questions in this section are related to the problem solving ability of the test takers and emphasize on the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, arithmetic and data analysis.

  • Analytical Writing: In this section, the test takers are required to analyze intricate ideas in a lucid and effective manner and also demonstrate their analytical writing skills.

Preparation for GRE and Princeton Review

GRE preparation by Princeton helps the potential candidates to get acquainted with the sections of the test and the types of questions that can be expected in these tests. The preparation materials offer tailor-made programs and classroom sessions to the potential candidates. The classroom sessions are conducted by expert teachers and they provide updated test materials along with the official questions of GRE. The staff of Princeton receives regular training and the students get an opportunity to learn from the best teachers for taking this test. Beside this, Princeton offers guarantee of score improvement along with each program.

Review of Princeton Courses

There are several GRE programs offered by Princeton. Let us consider a review of these courses:

  • GRE Classroom: This course offers 24 hours of discursive instruction that covers all the three sections of GRE along with 7-full length practice tests (computer-based). The classroom course also includes the unique Adaptology method, designed by Princeton, which is a concoction of their strategies and the techniques of the computer-adapted tests. Through the classroom course, each student gets an opportunity to review their preparation with the instructors.

  • GRE Live Online: This course is exactly similar to the classroom course except that it offers live online instruction for 24 hours on all the test sections of GRE.

  • GRE Online: The features of this course include 84 hours of lessons that are based on video instruction covering GRE concepts and official questions of the test. Beside this, the course also offers seven full-length practice tests, more than 1000 practice questions, 160 hours of supplementary lessons via video that is available 24x7, method of reviewing the essays through Live Grader and printed preparation materials for GRE.

  • Small Group Instruction: This is a customized GRE program that accommodates 4 students in a class. The lessons are offered by top Princeton  instructors and the students can access the teachers for personal reviews. The course features include 21 hours of live instructions along with 7 full-length computer-adapted practice tests.

  • Private Tutoring: The students can select from Premier, Master and Private Tutors based on their needs and they can access the lessons offered by individual instructors.

  • Princeton Review also offers an array of updated books and materials for GRE preparation.


The preparatory programs offered by Princeton include exclusive studying materials and techniques for achieving success in GRE and fulfilling the academic goals.