Preparing for GRE

7 Things to Keep in Mind for GRE Prep

You need an above-average score in the GRE exam to pursue academic courses in graduate/business schools. You will be able to get the desired score only if you prepare well. For this reason, it is necessary to use the right study materials and know effective test-taking strategies when preparing for the test. This article provides 7 tips that should help in effective preparation for the test:

1. Be familiar with the GRE Test Formats, Sections and Question Types

As the first step to start preparing, get yourself familiarized with the formats, sections and question types of the test. The General test and the subject tests are available in two formats: the Internet-based and the Paper-based tests. The test format you can take depends on the test location/center that you choose when registering for the test. You must also know about the different sections and question types of this test that you are going to take before you start preparing.

2. Decide whether to use Self-study or a Course

Some people may be comfortable with the self-study option while preparing for GRE, whereas others may be at ease with a professional course

  • When you are using the self-study option, consider using only the best and effective preparation materials, such as GRE guidebooks, e-guides, videos and practice tests.
  • When you are preparing for exam with the help of an online or on-site GRE course, consider choosing only a course that offers you the best preparation using the best study materials based on your budget, preference and situation.

3. Use the Best Study Materials

You can find different types of GRE study materials, such as GRE preparation books, e-guides, practice tests, video training, and CDs. Start preparing for the exam using the best study materials so that you can perform well in the actual test. Consider choosing good study materials with the help of user reviews available at the Internet or suggestions from friends or relatives. After choosing the right study materials, buy them from a local bookshop, online- bookstore/website or you may borrow them from your friends/relatives/neighbors. You can also download them for free from a reliable website. When preparing for the GRE test, ensure that you have study materials covering all sections of the test, practice guides, sample questions, practice tests, test-taking tips and strategies. The official website of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) ( offers the best and useful GRE preparation materials. ETS GRE books, such as The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test and The Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE revised General Test and POWERPREP II Software are very good. You can also consider using some of the other GRE books, such as Kaplan's New GRE Premier 2011-2012, Barron's New GRE, 19th Edition and The Princeton Review's Cracking the New GRE 2012.

4. Improve your Skills Required for the Test

Improve your verbal reasoning skills, analytical writing skills, quantitative reasoning skills and mathematical skills required for taking the GRE easily and efficiently. The ETS website offers excellent materials for improving these skills.

5. Plan your Study Schedule Effectively

Effective planning of your study schedule is the best way for preparing for GRE test. When planning your study schedule, ensure that you allot enough time for preparing each and every section of the GRE. Try to follow the scheduled plan so that you are ready for the actual test in time.

6. Take Lots of Practice Tests

It is very well known that you can increase your confidence level and speed for taking the actual test if you practice many sample questions that are available in books/guides or online resources. Try to take as many practice tests as possible before sitting for the final test.

7. Try to Know the Important Tips and Strategies for Taking the Test

Becoming yourself accustomed with at least a few of the important and effective tips and strategies that can help you in taking the test successfully. Make a fine search over the Internet to find such tips and strategies. Your friends and relatives who have successfully taken the test already can also help you in this task. The information provided in this article will help you in preparing for GRE effectively and successfully. The above-given 7 tips can definitely get the score that you aim for!