Perfect GRE Score

What Is the Perfect GRE Score and Its Importance

The scoring system for GRE was revamped as the examination was in August 2011. Thus, the score that you should receive in GRE in order to get admission in premiere colleges of the USA, too, has changed. Although, the examination intrinsically remains the same, yet it has undergone a number of changes that you must get acquainted with before you start preparing for the examination. For example, earlier the perfect score for GRE was 800 in Verbal Reasoning, 800 in Quantitative Reasoning and 6 in Analytical Writing.

Since ETS changed the scoring scale, the perfect score that you can get, too, has changed. The new scale that ETS uses to rate your GRE test ranges from 130 to 170. Thus, the perfect score that you can get in the new scoring system is 170 in Verbal Reasoning, 170 in Quantitative Reading and 6 in Analytical writing. However, achieving a perfect score is difficult.

Hence, even though you should try and achieve it but in case you fail you should not be disheartened. A good GRE score is sufficient to get you admission in good graduate schools of the USA. But, you should know the importance of scores in the admission procedure before you decide what kind of scores you require. The importance of GRE scores is discussed in the following section.

Importance of a Perfect GRE Score

GRE scores are the yardstick that colleges use to analyze the admissions portfolios of all applicants. Candidates from all educational backgrounds can appear for the GRE. The score along with your GPA and recommendation letters form the 3 most important elements of your admissions portfolio. Thus, a perfect GRE score will definitely tip the scales in your favor. Some other uses of an ideal score are as follows:

  • The maximum achievable will make you eligible for scholarship and fellowship programs. It will give you an edge over other candidates vying for financial help from colleges for their post-graduate studies.

  • A high GRE score is a pre-requisite for many colleges. So if you have a perfect score then you can be assured that you will get admission in the college of your choice.

  • Some colleges require high score in certain sections of the  test. If you have the maximum score then you would have comfortable fulfilled this criteria.

  • The GRE score is a predictor of your intellectual faculties. Hence, a perfect score will assure the admissions authorities of your IQ level. It will also reflect your seriousness and intent to pursue further studies and hence the authorities will consider your admission application favorably.

  • If you have a perfect score it reflects your capacity in being able to think clearly under time constraints. This is an essential attribute if you wish to pursue further studies in a premiere college in the USA.

  • It also gives you the advantage of selecting the college and subject of your own choice. Since, different colleges as well as departments have their own marks criteria, a perfect GRE score will allow you to make a choice as to which college and which subject you wish to study.

The afore-mentioned list outlines the uses and importance of a perfect score. GRE like any other examination requires hard work and proper preparation. Thus, if you wish to achieve a good score in GRE you need to work for it and prepare well for the test. Some tips to help you achieve a perfect score are discussed in the following section.

Tips to Achieve Good Score in GRE

Preparation for the test is incomplete if you do not develop tips and strategies to help you fare well in the test. Some tips to help you do so are as follows:

  • If you wish to ace the examination you must learn time management. Since, the time you get to solve the examination paper is limited it is essential that you learn to answer questions correctly and quickly.

  • Identify your weaknesses so that you can concentrate more on the areas that you are prone to make mistakes and overcome them.

  • Practice well for the examination, because the more you practice the more you will get acquainted with the test and hence you will be able to handle the stress of the actual examination better.

The afore-mentioned list provides some basic tips that will help you achieve a perfect score in GRE. If you try to achieve it then you will be in an advantageous position and your worries regarding admission in the college of your choice easier. So start preparing for the examination as early as possible so that you can score well in the test.