Information about GRE

Almost all colleges and universities evaluate the students with the help of GRE test results. This test is used to evaluate a candidates verbal, mathematical and writing abilities. GRE is conducted and administered by ETS. There are thousands of students who aspire to take this test. Before sitting for the test, the candidate should collect complete information about the test.

The candidate must gather exam details, as it will help reduce stress and tension and allow the candidate to plan properly and execute his plans accordingly.

Information about GRE Preparation:

Getting ready for GRE needs more than simply collecting the study material. To give the right direction to preparation, the student should collect complete information about various study materials and preparation. The candidate should gather details about GRE preparation and the time that must be spent on preparation and practice.

Information related to identification of skills and the mechanics of taking the GRE test is useful as it helps in giving the right direction to preparation. The student should gather details about preparation materials that will help him prepare for the test in the proper manner.

Information about preparation should be reviewed at proper time intervals so that he doesn't get off track and knows what all is to be prepared, how it is to be prepared and in how much time.

Details about preparation can be extracted from resources such as books, classrooms, web sites etc. The student should try to collect all the relevant information related to various subject areas and then prepare accordingly. There are various sites that provide in-depth details about preparation. There is free GRE preparation material available on the official web site as well.

GRE Test Information

Information obtained from the official web site allows the test taker to acquire complete details related to verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. The official web site tells about the types of questions through which the verbal section measures the candidates ability to analyze the written material and evaluate it.

Details related to quantitative reasoning gives information on the various types of questions through which the test taker will be tested on understanding of the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and problem solving in quantitative settings.

Information related to analytical writing tells the details about the two analytical writing tasks, one of 45 minutes and the other of 30 minutes. The information gives complete knowledge on why the analytical writing test is known as the performance test.

GRE Info on Scores:

The information on scores familiarizes the candidate with the GRE score system. Information on scores is helpful as the candidate can get a better knowledge about it. The candidate can look for details on scores and check how the computer based test and paper-based test are scored. Information of scores tells how the scores of the computer based verbal and quantitative sections will be given on the basis of the candidates performance and the number of questions answered by him in the given time.

The computer will do the scoring. By the information on scores that is available on the official web site, the candidate gets aware of how the verbal reasoning test is reported on the scale of 200800, the quantitative reasoning section is scored on 200 800 scale and the analytical writing is reported on the scale of 0 to 6 and how the scores are calculated for each section. Information on scores related to paper-based test tells about the first step to compute the raw scores. The raw scores are taken as the number of questions that have been correctly answered. Then these raw scores are changed into scaled score through equating.

Information on scores available on the official web site also tells about what NS i.e. no score, is all about. No score is reported when the candidate does not attempt the questions of any of the sections i.e., if the candidate doesn't answer any question then he will be given a score of zero for the task or question which he didn't answer. The candidate can ask for details on score reports by mail, phone or fax.

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