Differences Between GRE And GMAT

What Is the Difference between GRE and GMAT

The Two Tests:

Test takers around the world take entrance tests every year in order to prove proficiency in various fields and areas of expertise. The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) are both standardized tests that screen a test taker for skills and abilities required to take up further studies. This test is taken by students who wish to make applications to universities and other educational institutions for further studies in general courses. The GMAT test is taken primarily by those who wish to make admission applications to business schools or take up post-graduate studies in the field of business. However, the GRE test has gone through significant changes in August 2011, and most of the changes attempt to bridge the gap between the two tests. The revised GRE General Test is expected to give the admission authorities of business schools a better idea of the abilities of the students taking the test. Both of the tests have their own benchmarks when it comes to high scores and competencies of test takers. This article aims at explaining the differences between GRE and GMAT.


In order to understand more about GRE and GMAT, you should ensure that you have read all the relevant information on the official websites of both the tests. To read about the GRE visit the following website: http://www.ets.org/gre and to find information about the GMAT visit the following website: http://www.gmac.com/gmac/thegmat/. Reading about essential information will help you clear all major doubts that you may have with regards to the test.

1. Intended Applicants:

GMAT is specifically for students who want to pursue business courses. GRE, with the latest revision to it, may appeal to a larger number of students including those who are applying for general courses, but wish to keep the option for a business course open. However, students determined to get into a business school may not even consider the GRE test.

2. Cost of the Tests:

If you compare the expense involved in taking the GRE and GMAT, you will immediately realize that the GRE test is much cheaper than the GMAT test. The GMAT test costs $250 around the globe. The GRE test costs $160 in the US and US Territories. The cost of the test in other locations is $190.

3. Difficulty:

The revision to the GRE test has removed antonym and analogy based questions and introduced questions to test vocabulary that is only relevant to the context. The revised version of the GRE test also includes new types of questions, like the Numeric Entry questions, to make the quantitative section of the test more challenging. This blurs the long accepted line of distinction that the GRE test has a more difficult verbal section, while the quantitative section of the GMAT test is more difficult to crack. The new version of the GRE test is section-level adaptive, which allows the students to skip and later come back to a question within a section.

4. Test Structure:

Reading information about GRE and GMAT will tell you that both these tests are structured differently. Though both the tests contain three basic types of sections, i.e. verbal, quantitative and analytical sections, the individual sections are differently timed and contain different question types. Also, the GRE test includes unscored sections which make the test a long one and might discourage a few students. However, the GRE test provides the students with the option of showing off their skills in a few subjects of their choice. This can be a welcome option for many students.

What You Should Pick:

A thorough review of the GRE and GMAT should help you understand that it is the purpose for which you are taking the test that matters most. If you are determined about the course you want to study or the institution you intend to join in, the choice should be an easier one. On the other hand, if you are one of those who intend to keep a few options open, the GRE test might seem to be an option worth considering. GRE or GMAT is a choice you will have to make depending upon your needs or that of the educational institution you are applying to. Most institutes will direct you about which test you are to take between the GRE and GMAT. You should take initiative and get the facts right and it will be much easier to make the choice if you are still confused.

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