Different Procedures For Improving Vocabulary

GRE Vocab Prep through Technological Innovations

Indeed yes! You cannot think of getting success in GRE without strengthening your English vocabulary! So, what are you waiting for? Browse through the various websites, consult books, get access to digital flashcards, read a variety of topics and consult a dictionary to look into the difficult words for their meanings and usage in sentences! Vocabulary preparation will surely be easier through technological innovations! As you proceed along with this article, you will come to know about the innovative methods through which you can improve your vocabulary for the test. Some of them are mentioned below:

Digital Flash Cards

You can make your own flash cards for vocabulary preparation. It depends on you, which type of flash card you prefer i.e. whether you would be comfortable using a manual flashcard or a digital flashcard. However, nowadays test aspirants enrich their English vocabulary through free flashcards that are available online. These flashcards can also be accessed through mobile phones using mobile apps. You can also take out the print of the words appearing in the cards on paper.

Ultimate Vocabulary Software

Flashcards are one of the traditional techniques of memorizing words and their meanings. Earlier, students used to carry a pile of cards, the one side of which contained words and on the opposite side of the cards, were the meanings of those words. However, in this fast changing world, this way of vocabulary preparation is not enough. You have to take help of some of the best vocabulary software that not only contain words to learn but also suggest ways to learn several words swiftly. This is what the Ultimate vocabulary software follows. It offers you the following facilities:

  • It introduces several words that have already been asked in the GRE.

  • Along with the words, their origin, usage in sentences, synonyms, antonyms etc are also mentioned so that concepts about the words can be clearer.

  • The Ultimate Vocabulary software helps in vocabulary preparation by diagnosing your knowledge of English vocabulary and then customizing the practice tests according to your level.

  • You have the facility for listening words and thus, learning their pronunciations along with their meanings and usage. Listening to those words helps you in memorizing them faster and retaining them in your mind for a long time.

  • This software provides you with the facility for recognizing words using some important tips such as, by using their meanings, synonyms, usage in sentences etc.

  • As a unique feature of this software, a window pops up from time to time on your computer screen or mobile to remind you about the important words and their meanings while you are going through another work.

  • This software enhances your preparation by keeping an eye on your progress and also displaying it through a progress graph drawn over your vocabulary preparation period.

If you want to get more information, you can visit the link http://www.ultimatevocabulary.com/gre-vocabulary/.

Learn Vocabulary with Fun!

There are various ways to learn English words. One way is boring i.e. sit with books and cram new words. This will surely help you in learning new words but you will not be able to remember those words for a long time. However, if you learn with fun i.e. by playing vocabulary games, you can prepare well and can also retain new words in your mind for a longer time. Several websites offer this facility. It will be interesting to learn vocabulary with Analogy, parts of speech, antonyms, idioms, cross word puzzles etc. Analogy, the game, comprises connection between two sets of words having a similar relationship between them. For instance, dog: bark then cat: __? Besides, the Parts of Speech game consists of recognizing the form of a word such as an adjective or adverb or noun etc. For instance, remuneration is an adjective/noun/verb/adverb? You will have to choose the right answer. A crossword puzzle consists of boxes, and each box is to be filled with a letter to form various meaningful words diagonally, across and down the grid of boxes using the given hints. It is a puzzle; therefore you have to guess the right words using the given hints.

Albeit there are various methods, by which you can go in for vocabulary preparation. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for you to consult some of the important methods that have been sorted and presented in the article for  perfect test preparation. You can also refer to some useful books for preparing vocabulary that are accompanied with CD. They will also be of great help to you!