Choosing A Tutor For GRE Preparation

5 Essentials of a GRE Tutor

For anyone who wants to get admission in a US university or universities in other countries like Canada, GRE test is a must. A good score in the test is essential to join a school of your choice and to get a good score preparation is indispensable. You can prepare by yourself, join a class or get the assistance of a tutor. If you are a person who studies best when alone, tutoring is the best option.

Tutor- Advantages

  • Personal attention- Since the teaching will be on a one-to-one basis, personal attention will always be there.
  • Customized coaching - The tutor will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and chart a training program that will be best suited for you.

If tutoring is the option best suited for you, check for the following points before you select your tutor for GRE. These 5 points are essential for a good tutor.

  1. The tutor must be trained in coaching for GRE as it requires special skills.
  2. The tutor must be able to understand you and communicate well with you.
  3. The tutor must be able to gauge your skills and prepare the coursework to suit your needs.
  4. Proper practice tests must be given to you by the tutor.
  5. The tutor must be able to inspire you and motivate you to achieve the target GRE score.

There are many coaching companies that offer private tutoring. Few of the best tutoring institutes have been discussed below. Review each company's positives before choosing the one best suited for you.

The Princeton Review -

The Princeton Review is one of the best coaching companies. The Princeton Review offers the best instructors as private tutors. The schedule for the classes can be charted keeping in mind your other engagements. The program will be custom made for your requirements. The tutor will motivate you to achieve high scores. There are different types of tutors available at The Princeton Review. They are,

  • Premier Tutors - They have 1000+ hours of tutoring experience and are the best of the tutors.
  • Master Tutors - They have 500+ hours of tutoring experience and are highly skilled at teaching for GRE.
  • Private Tutors - They are the best classroom teachers who have been promoted as tutors.

The Princeton Review will find the tutor best suited for you after you register.

Kaplan Test Prep -

Kaplan Test Prep is also a very good coaching company and offers tutors for the preparation. Different packages are available for private tutoring. 15, 25 and 35 hour packages are available. Extra hours can also be purchased. If you register for the private tutoring, you get full access to Kaplan GRE Classroom Course. Homework assignments are also adapted and modified to suit your needs. Comprehensive study materials are available and GRE Lessons On Demand can also be accessed by you.

Target Test Prep -

Target Test Prep offers one of the most comprehensive GRE courses. They offer GRE tutoring in different packages. The different packages available are 10, 20 and 30-hour packages. Additional hours can be purchased as well. The tutors will strive at removing your weaknesses and sharpening your skills. Progress updates will be given to you by your tutor. The schedule is flexible and can be worked around your lifestyle.

TestMasters -

TestMasters has more than 20 years of experience in the tutoring industry. This private tutoring offered by TestMasters is in 2-hour sessions. Each session will focus on a particular subject area. You have 4 different options in tutoring itself. The four options are,

  1. Classes at their main office
  2. Classes at your home
  3. Online classes
  4. Classes over telephone.