Different Types Of Tutoring Services For The GRE

The GRE (Graduate Record examination) test is composed of three sections i.e. the Verbal Reasoning, the Quantitative Reasoning and the Analytical Writing section. To prepare well for the test, one can opt for any of the prep methods like joining a coaching institute or appointing a private tutor. If you are ready to spend a little extra then appointing a tutor will be one of the best options. Tutors are available for the complete test preparation as well as one can appoint a separate tutor for the individual sections of the test. If you think you need special attention for the Verbal section only then verbal tutors are available. Similarly, the math section can be prepared well with the help of a math tutor.

Verbal Tutor

The Verbal section of GRE is aimed at checking your verbal skills and how well you can analyze the relationships among different components of the sentences. Types of questions asked in the Verbal section are sentence completion, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Most of the candidates score well in the Quantitative Reasoning section as they would have already learned most of the math concepts in their undergraduate study. At the same time these students find the verbal and essay writing sections difficult. A verbal tutor can play a vital role here to improve your understanding of this section. High scores in the verbal section can be guaranteed once you improve your reasoning skills and grammar, as complex questions are included in the test. Tutors for the Verbal section have various techniques to help you improve your vocabulary. Apart from improving word power, your tutor can teach you the techniques of interpreting various components of any sentence. A tutor teaches various test taking strategies like speed reading.

Online Tutors

Internet has improved the concepts of distance learning a lot. The GRE is no exception to that. If you find it inconvenient to attend the test's coaching classes and if you still wish to avail the guidance of a tutor then online tutoring is the best option for you. An online tutor guides you through interactive sessions on the internet. Once you enroll yourself for online tutoring,you can participate in the online classes for the preparation. Apart from pre-scheduled class timings, you can also learn from the online guides provided to you by your online tutor. All your queries are addressed by such a tutor either in the live interactive sessions itself or by e-mail. There are two ways to enroll for online tutoring i.e. email tutoring and live online tutoring. A few web sites that offer online tutors are:


A online tutor teaches you with the help of multimedia lessons. He offers you practice tests and once you submit the solved paper, your online tutor evaluates it for you and gives you valuable suggestions to improve your score. One should be a little careful while choosing the option of online tutoring for GRE as some of you may not get the required personal attention through it.

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