Tips And Strategies To Make GRE Preparation Simpler

GRE Tips

GRE is an important exam which is required to get admission to postgraduate courses in most universities in US, US territory and Canada. You need to score high marks to get admission in your preferred college. Apart from your studies, you need tips to help you to compete. There are various web sites and online tutorials which discuss the GRE study and practice tips in detail. Proper strategies and practice tips can give your studies an extra edge.

GRE Test Pattern

Getting familiarized with the GRE test pattern is the first tip towards a meaningful test strategy. The Revised GRE has five sections—2 sections in verbal , 2 in quantitative and 1 section in analytical writing.

* Verbal Section – This section measures not only your ability to understand vocabulary and reading comprehension but also tests your ability to determine appropriate syntax, grammar and word choice in a sentence. In each section you have to attempt 20 questions in 30 minutes.

* Quantitative Section– This again has two sections which measure your computation ability, problem solving and data interpretation and basic maths. You have to attempt 20 questions in each section in 35 minutes each. So speed is a very important factor in this section. GRE study and practice tips are very important in this section to score high marks.

* Analytical Writing and Assessment – This section will test your ability to articulate and support complex ideas and your ability to construct and put down your thoughts in a logical and coherent manner. The revised GRE format will have only one topic in the analysis of issue and one topic in the analysis of argument. You have to construct your analysis for or against a given argument in the test. You get 30 minutes to support your arguments with evidence on a given issue, and another 30 minutes to debate on the logical soundness of a given argument.

GRE Study Tips

A very important study tip is that after a firsthand familiarization with the GRE pattern, chalk out a well paced study plan. You should begin the preparation session well in advance, say at least four months before the test date, and chalk out a regular study schedule that you can rigorously follow during this period. Set aside some hours everyday for GRE study, instead of planning to spend whole hours on just a couple of days of the week. You should brush up your basics. Go back to your high school books for the primers of mathematics and English. The market has a lot of books dedicated to the GRE subject matter. These books can teach you a lot of GRE study and practice tips. You should try to get two books to do your study. This will give you more variety of content and questions asked in the actual exam. Many web sites give you lot of study strategies and tips on how to take the exam efficiently. These study and practice tips can really do wonders for your scores and can help you in getting admission in your choice of school.

GRE Study Tips for the Verbal Section

The test intent of this section is the application of English vocabulary. GRE tip for this section is, start using a new range of English words and start blocking usage of the words already known to you. Intuitively start using new words in your daily writing and verbal usage. Pore over magazines and journals and relate whatever new words you have learnt so far. Time your reading speed at least in the short term, increase your target every subsequent read, get the gist of every section, and write precise statements. This will help you remember new words faster, instead of just mugging them from word lists. Of course tools like flash cards, the word lists in the GRE books are great things to work to improve your vocabulary. During this preparation period, use mnemonic devices and associations to memorize definitions of the GRE words. Use the newly learned words in sentences and in your day to day conversations. Remember as many roots, prefixes, and suffixes of terms as possible. Remember secondary or alternative meanings of a word. Examine the context in which the words are used. The grasp of English vocabulary will take a long time, so starting early would be to your advantage. And of course, take as many practice tests as you can.

GRE Study Tips for the Analytical Writing Assessment Section

This is a subjective assessment section. Get into the habit of organizing your thoughts logically on every topic that you face in your daily routine. One of the important GRE study and practice tips is to debate on various topics with your friends and peer groups. If you are in school, and regularly need to pen essays, this can be a big plus. Or else, get into the habit of writing logical constructs on anything and everything, or use the sample questions found in various web sites for mock practice. These GRE study and practice tips teach you to pace out how much you can write in 30 minutes. As you get to write more and more on various topics your creativity, logical thought and organizational ability will improve. This section will also involve typing in a computer based test administration. So, if you feel that typing speed is an issue, devote some time to that as well.

GRE Study Tips for GRE Math (GRE math tips)

This is one section where a good preparation can have more than proportionate positive impact on your GRE test scores. First study tip for math section is for those who have left their college years way behind, or are currently in non technical vocation, be sure to rub back in the entire high school math that you have never really used so long. Brush up on ratios and fractions, factoring, geometry, etc. This part will not take long, but may not make you a pro. Take a few practice tests straightway to gauge what you have picked up in your initial study. Analyze the scores to find out your weak areas and revisit those topics once more. Practising builds speed, accuracy and most importantly your knack for numbers. Apply the study and practice tips in the exam to save time. Get to know your pace of attacking numbers. You will need this comfort for the exam.

GRE Practice Tips

You should religiously go through the practice tests and the full length sample tests given in your GRE study material. These study material provide good study and practice tips. If you have joined a preparatory class then your guides are going to teach you a lot of GRE study tips and GRE practice tips. The Internet is a good source of GRE preparation material. These sites also provide a lot of practice tests and study and practice tips. These sample tests will be able to simulate the actual test conditions. The ETS site, features free test software POWERPREP which is almost a replica of the real test format. These sample tests will help you rate yourself and give you an idea of your weaknesses and strengths. These mock tests give you a fair idea of speed. A good GRE practice tip is to take as many practice tests as possible. These study and practice tips will also tell you to review practice tests you have taken.

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