Some Points To Consider While Choosing GRE Test Centers

A GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) score is a prerequisite for admission to postgraduate courses in most universities in US, US territory and Canada. This exam is conducted by ETS (Education testing Service) which is the world's largest private educational testing organization. Besides the planning required for an effective study plan for the GRE, it is also very important to select of a proper test site, meaning the actual location where you are going to take the examination.

Before deciding on the choice of a test location, make sure that

  • The location is as close as possible to your base location
  • You are familiar with the general environment of the place, meaning the climate, directions to the place, conveyance, social climate etc.

You will not want that any extraneous factor should bother you during the actual examination.

GRE is conducted at over 180 countries around the world. The international test sites are Prometric testing sites, which have been currently acquired by ETS. Until recently, Prometric was a subsidiary of Thomson Corporation, and was offering testing services by virtue of a contractual agreement that began in 1992. Prometric has more than 4800 testing centers worldwide which also act as GRE test sites. The International test sites are exclusively run by Prometric.

The ETS official web site has an interactive search facility to zero down on a GRE test site of your choice. This web site guides through a series of user-friendly search criteria to search for a list of the available test locations. Each of these sites are identified by a Testing Center Code.

There are two types of GRE tests, the paper based tests and the computer adaptive tests. The paper test is generally not administered in test locations where the computer adaptive testing facility is offered. Please do not confuse this. Your city may have a paper based test sites as well as a computer based adaptive testing site. But they will be two different and independent entities with separate testing center codes assigned to each one of them. This is the first choice you are asked for in the ETS site, when searching for a test locations. For example, if you want to take the Computer Adaptive tests, choose this option, and then input your country initials in the search text box. The search results will throw up a list of GRE test sites available in that country. This list will also feature the phone and fax number of the testing center.

If you want to appear for a paper based test, the search methodology is slightly different. The search links are available up front for the list of paper based test sites available in the countries of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. For a list of test centers in any other country, use the search link gre_0708_tclist.pdf

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