Important Features Of GRE Test Centers

The PDF (gre_0708_tclist.pdf) which you have downloaded from the ETS site will contain a list of all the registered test centers, and their test dates, as at the time of last upload. However, please note that this data may not be always up to date. It is advisable to plan the choice of test site based on the actual availability at the time of actual registration. The ETS site states this very explicitly.

This makes it important for an aspirant to register for the test as early as possible. Besides, statistically, the months of November, December and January are claimed as busy testing months. So if you are planning to take the tests during these months, register as early as possible to get a test site of your choice. The early bird catches the worm.

While discussing the subject of test centers, it is important to understand few other terms.

Split Tests Administration is offered in certain countries like China, Taiwan etc. The idea behind this is to decongest the Computer Adaptive test centers. The aspirants are required to tackle the AWA section in the paper format, and then take on the Verbal and Quantitative tests in the Computer based test sites. Both the test administrations have to be taken within the same year.

Supplementary Testing Site was offered to candidates who had planned to take the test on Oct 6th and 27th of the year 2007, and who are located more than 125 miles away from the testing center. To avail of this facility, the aspirant had to submit the forms with the required fees within the required deadline, along with the name and complete address of the institution willing to administer the test. The aspirant also had to explain that the available tests centers were not suitable.

Monday Testing Sites are offered to those candidates who are barred by religion from appearing in a test on Saturday. The completed paper registration form, with the fees has to be accompanied by letterhead stationery from a cleric stating the aspirant's affiliation with the religious body. The aspirant also has to mention the preferred city or location of the testing center. ETS will try and attempt as far as possible to allocate a test centers within 125 miles.

Standby Testing Site is offered for aspirants who miss their registration deadline for an additional fee of $ 50. The registration is accepted if sufficient space, test materials, and staff are available at the test center. To try and attempt a standby test, the aspirant needs to report to the testing center with a completed registration form and fee, an additional fee of $ 50 and an acceptable ID. Subject to the resources being available, the aspirant will be allowed to take the test. The standby registration is not offered in China (including Hong Kong), India, Korea, or Taiwan, and for Monday testing and non standard testing accommodation.

It is always advisable if you select a test center nearer to your area. Having decided upon the choice of the testing site, and finally ready for the exam, it does a world of good to adopt the following dos and don't s.

  • You should dress comfortably on the test day.
  • Carry your admission ticket and valid photo ID proof with you.
  • You have to carry the authorization voucher with you, which you have received from ETS.
  • You are not allowed to carry your personal items like cell phones, jackets, laptops, any electronic items inside the center.
  • Carry pencils and erasers with you. Scratch paper will be provided at the test center. You are not allowed to carry your own scratch paper.
  • If at anytime during the exam, you face any problem, just raise your hand.
  • Be at your test site at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • You should follow the instructions given by the test takers at the test center.

Lastly do well in the exam!

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