Study Materials For The GRE

GRE Testing Materials for Comprehensive Study

In order to score high in the GRE, test-takers have to work with dedication, put sincere effort and approach the test seriously. Frankly speaking, GRE cannot be cracked by merely reading books with dedicated interest. Test-takers should not only read for knowledge-enhancing; they have to read also for skill-building. Test-takers have to follow a comprehensive method.

Online GRE Testing Materials

as supplementary resources. SomeInternet has many sorts of study materials. There are free as well as paid test materials on the internet. Free materials that are available on the internet have to be used carefully. Test-takers should not use free test materials as primary preparation sources. Test-takers should possess authentic and reliable materials and should use online study materials materials, most of them freely available on the internet, have been reviewed below.

Official GRE Testing Materials

GRE is created and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The official website provides many GRE preparation resources. Test-takers should use these resources as their primary preparation resources. ETS publishes The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test which presents a detailed explanation of the test and the scoring process, provides helpful tips for cracking the test and contains several practice questions with explanations that are taken from the retired tests. Visit the following URL for more information or to purchase:

Another popular resource provided by ETS is the software called POWERPREP. It is available free of cost from the ETS;s Website. POWERPREP contains:

  • General guidelines for test-takers
  • Overview of each test section
  • Tips for answering the questions
  • Sample questions for each section with answers and explanations
  • Math Review and Mathematical Conventions for the GRE test
  • A practice test

Visit the following URL to download the PowerPrep software: GRE official website also provides practice books for GRE Subject tests. Each practice book contains a practice test with answers and tips for taking a particular subject test. Test-takers can download practice books from the following webpage:

Test Prep Companies

Test preparation companies publish many books that focus on the test. Test-takers have to purchase those books; however, those websites provide rare tips and expert recommendations and suggestions. Test-takers should not forget to check the test preparation company's' web logs as they contain valuable information. The following URLs may be helpful:

GRE Math Testing Materials

GRE Math or Quantitative Reasoning section is designed to test a test-taker's ability to use logic for solving Math problems. Questions related to Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and data interpretation will appear on the test. The following YouTube channel called GREQuantums provides video lessons for the GRE Quantitative section. The lessons are based on the GRE official guide published by ETS. Find the videos here: is not exclusively dedicated to GRE Math; but GRE test-takers can use this website to assess their Math skills. Tests are arranged by subject areas, grade level, and test types. Visit this URL to access the website:

Public Library Resources

Most of the public libraries in the United States and Canada subscribe to authoritative web resources. These web resources are created and maintained by reputed academic publishers. Citizens can avail public library cards freely. Public library card holders can log in through the library's proxy server from anywhere if they have internet connectivity. Browse the content on websites of Gale, Facts on File, Ebsco and Learning Express Library to build skills required for the examination.

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