Points To Consider Before Choosing A GRE Test Center

How Does a GRE Testing Location Affect Your Performance?

The GRE is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), all over the year at certified testing centers. The test locations found in the US, US territories, Canada and in the rest of the world, accommodate all necessary equipments necessary for the test. You have to register yourself for the test in order to secure a seat in these testing centers. The appointments are based on a first-come first-serve pattern. The test locations however vary according to the type of test you are taking, i.e. Paper-Based GRE or the Computer-Based GRE. Nevertheless, in order to narrow down your test center search, the official website of ETS GRE (http://www.ets.org/gre) helps you a good deal. The official website contains tools to seek your desired test center and also provides you all test center information you might require. Therefore, without further ado, let us find out how you can get your desired test locations.

The Influence of a Test Center over Your Performance:

You have to consider some aspects before choosing a test location as it affects your test performance. These aspects are:

  • Distance from Home: Before choosing your desired testing site, you must consider its distance from your residence. You should prefer test centers, which are closer to your home as you might not like to take the test after pushing a heavy traffic on your way to the center.

  • Short Route back and forth the Test Center: You should not exhaust yourself before appearing for the test. You cannot afford to lose all your strength and peace of mind before appearing for this test. Hence, you may select a test center to which, you have a well-planned route from your home.

  • Familiarity: This is another important factor to consider before choosing your test center. The environment around the testing site, the climate or weather, etc., should be amiable to your taste. An exam with a wretched mood should better be avoided than failing it.

  • Popularity: You can run a background check of your desired test center. Get in touch with previous years' test takers and gather their experience (whether favourable or avertable) of the test center.

  • Proper Equipments: ETS lays down certain criteria for a test center to conduct the test. Make sure that your desired GRE test center provides all necessary equipments as prescribed by the ETS.

List of GRE Test Centers:

There are more than 180 countries in which the ETS administers the GRE test in both formats. Prometric is the US-based company that is responsible for conducting GRE. As there is a distinction between the two formats of the examination, the test center also vary between Paper-Based testing centers and Computer-Based testing centers.

  • Paper-Based Test Centers: You may view all the available test centers for Paper-Based test if you follow the link: http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/gre_pbt_center_lists.pdf. This link directs you to a table, showing the available test sites for this format of the Paper-Based  test.

  • Computer-Based Test Centers: The Computer-Based test centers however, offer both the GRE General Revised test and GRE Subject tests. In this type of test locations both the subject tests and the general tests are conducted together and hence, there are no separate test centers. In order to view the testing locations, click at http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/gre_cbt_dom_intl_rrc_china_etc.pdf.

International test locations are divided into fourteen regions, each having their own test center codes. The test centers for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea are given separately in the aforesaid website links.

How to Find Your GRE Test Center?

Your desired test center contains a unique code that you have to find out before registration. The center code of test location is pretty easy to find. All you have to do is to click at the link: https://mygre.ets.org/greweb/login/login.jsp?WT.ac=gre_revised_r_btn to create a free My GRE Account and start registering for the test. Once you start the registration process, you will be prompted to select your test site. In here, you need to enter certain details like your country or state from where you belong, and other relevant information in order to find your desired test center and its code.

The above- mentioned discussion binds in some basic facts about the test location. They are to assist you in your selection of testing centers and to show you the ways by which they affect your test performance. Finally, selecting a test center that is closest to your residence is the thumb rule that makes it easier to avail the test. Good luck!