Learn About The Graduate Record Examinations(GRE)

Thousands of candidates all around the world take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) every year with the aim of joining the US universities for graduation or post graduation. This test is conducted throughout the year for the online as well as the paper based mode. The test centers are spread all over the world. Candidates willing to take the GRE should contact the nearest test center for registration. This article will guide you about the exam centers and the procedure followed there.

GRE Testing Center

GRE testing centers are spread all over the world. However they are not available anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, you must find out the available test centers so as to decide on a particular center convenient to you. You will find all the information about centers at the official web site (www.ets.org/gre). The examination is conducted all over the world through various test taking agencies. The leading test taking service is Prometric Candidate Services. ETS has a franchise called Sylvan Learning Center for conduct of the test in India. The Sylvan Learning Center has nine test centers for GRE in India. These are located in Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Trivandrum. The Sylvan Learning Center is an international organization which has tutoring centers all over the world. At Sylvan Learning Center, personalized tutoring is provided for students, preparing for competitive exams like the GRE, for subjects like mathematics, writing skills and reading skills. The Sylvan Learning Centers provide franchise for conduct of tests like the GRE. The Sylvan Learning Centers provide computer based GRE tests throughout the year. You can also call a Sylvan Learning Center in your country for GRE registration by phone.

GRE Registration

This examination is organized and administered by an international organization called ETS (Education Testing Service). GRE registration can be done by mail, internet, phone or fax. If you wish to register by mail then you need to download an Authorization Voucher Request Form, fill it and send it to the ETS. After processing this form the ETS sends you a confirmation voucher. Now you need to contact the test center of your choice and schedule your exam appointment by providing the details of your confirmation voucher. For online registration you need to select the center of your choice and e-mail the application form to them. Similarly for fax and phone options of registration you need to call up the GRE testing center and schedule your appointment for the exam.

GRE Preparation Center

GRE preparation can be done in a number of ways. There are a lot of coaching centers spread all over the world. These are in the form of coaching institutes as well as web sites offering courses for the GRE. You can get the list of the coaching institutes in your country online. Majon International, Kaplan and Princeton are some of the leading coaching centers. These institutes offer exhaustive study materials along with the test taking tips and strategies. They also provide you with adequate guidance with the help of their experienced faculties. Here you also get a number of sample test papers to solve. Solving these test papers proves to be the best method of preparation for the GRE. You can find out more about GRE coaching centers from the following web sites:


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